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    Some of us still only care about hearing / discussing TJ's plight and wish the rest of you would take your non-TJ related message diarrhea to some other thread designed for that discussion rather than bury his story in your bullsh*t. For those that agree with me, Please fill this post up with likes so these fockers get the message. Thank You.
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    I'm not brilliant but here you go: Why are interest rates going up? The prime interest rate is controlled by the federal reserve. It's been held remarkably low since the housing crisis in 2008. They lowered the rate to help encourage lending and credit. Ie, if it's cheap to borrow money, corporations and people will be more apt to borrow money and go out and spend. They want to raise interest rates now in part to stem inflation. This is done by having the exact opposite effect. If it becomes more expensive to borrow money, less corporations and people will borrow money. Thus less spending. How will it reduce inflation? As indicated above the intent is to reduce spending. This will encourage reduced demand in which the demand side of the supply and demand equation will lessen and therefore prices will stop going up. Why will it possibly cause a recession? If the federal reserve (or fed) puts too much friction in the capital markets the system may overcorrect causing deflation which in turn will cripple credit based markets. No one will lend money if the money becomes more valuable simply by holding it. This will hurt the housing markets and most corporate spending for companies that rely on credit to grow businesses. The problem is these economic policy decisions take several months to work there way through the system. They don't know if they are throttling back too much or too little until it is potentially too late. Will stocks fall? In the short term (next 6 months) I would say that is likely. The stock market prices in what they think rate hikes will be, but as inflation numbers come out worse and worse, the market will need to price in more and more rate hikes. This will especially hurt companies that need to borrow, but it will have an effect of dragging down the entire market. The market will continue to go down as long as inflation numbers are not showing a peak.
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    An old man goes to the doctor and says, “I can’t stop farting, but my farts are always silent and never smell. I’ve probably farted 10 times since I got here and you didn’t even notice. Can you help?” The doctor gives the old man some pills and tells him to come back in a week. A week later the old timer comes back and says, “Doc, I don’t know what you gave me but good Lord! My farts are still silent but now they stink!” And the doctor says … … “Excellent. Now that your sinuses are cleared, let’s work on your hearing.”
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    biden. liberal voters. spending.
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    He started the biggest war in Europe since World War II. Tens of thousands of people have died. A free country is in peril. His own people are kept in the dark and suffer the economic consequences. He has no moral compass. He is greedy and has stolen untold amounts of money for he and the oligarchs. He takes out his enemies, sometimes with poison. A real swell guy you got there. Biggest world-stage dooshbag since Hitler.
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    I remember my teacher had sex with me when I was young. Wouldn't have been so bad, but I was homeschooled.
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    Lol your “cynical side” is stupid. Theres no giant conspiracy, it’s as easy as they want your money on the regular and know that most subscribers won’t get their $$$s worth. That’s it, no need to go full Deep State
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    Aren't you needed in the OR, Doctor? Or is it the baseball diamond today? Which lie are we going with? Shut up, everyone here hates you and knows you're a fraud.
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    The only 'free speech' the right rails against are the little woke perverts who want to molest small children with their deranged ideas about gender and sexuality. Cowardly liberals have to hide behind schools walls and prey on children. Having an open honest forum scares the crap out of the liberals because their moronic ideas can't hold up to scrutiny and exposes their pro-pedophile agenda. It is funny how the left can not distinguish between genuine political discourse and the brainwashing and molestation of children's minds.
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    is that how they are marketing jobs like fry cook nowadays??? gotta hand it to them.
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    And as has also been repeated, a draft opinion is not the same as a decision. For focks sake, do any of you dolts read a thread before repeating debunked talking points?
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    I too stay inside the velvet rope in a neat line taking pictures when performing an insurrection https://static.wixstatic.com/media/58615f_25cbe0ec9d694eedbf76a07efa8fa025~mv2.jpg/v1/fit/w_1000%2Ch_683%2Cal_c%2Cq_80/file.jpg
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    Not one comment from lib dipsh!ts about parents taking responsibility and providing birth control. You all make me sick with you're "excuses".
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    Everything you have listed is what some people think. The things I listed are things that actually happened. See the difference? So what if someone thinks Putin is right? Are you going to compare that to letting violent criminals walk out of jail? You live in a fantasy land thinking it’s equal. Your feelings being hurt don’t rate.
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    It's cute that you think the internet is free and open. Because it's not. Just start your own (insert whatever) is total BS when the apple and Andriod stores won't host your app because it doesn't agree with free and open speech. When Banks won't allow you to bank. When ISPs block your site from loading. The internet is not free and open at least not anymore and hasn't been in a long time. The fact you think we have anything free and open anything says a lot about your childish view of the world.
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    No, he was referred to as a real-life Tony Stark. I don't know of anyone who referred to him as a douche. Until now, of course, when the revisionist history kicks in. Now that liberals have a crack, in the form of Musk potentially shutting down Twitter's practice of suppressing the conservative voice, they will now accelerate full throttle. Remember when Trump was a subject of countless rap songs, had cameos in movies, and had the #1 show on TV? All it took for them to "discover" he was a vile racist was for him to run for political office. Overnight, the guy who had been in the public eye for over three decades was equivalent to Hitler. Like I said, if they can't find it, they'll just make it up.
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    It is a day Trump supporters entered a building and were shot for it. Unlike BLM protesters, the did not burn down cities, they were not carrying guns, they were not throwing rocks or cans of soup at police, they did not kill anyone, they did not loot, and they did not take over city blocks and ruin thousands of businesses. Compared to hundreds of BLM 'peaceful' protests, it was far more peaceful.
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    I used to have the impression Musk values being on good terms with Bill Gates. Used to have.
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    Yes...a video that is clearly edited together without context is the smoking gun. You guys are so stupid and brainwashed. It's funny- you sit on here and cry and bemoan "Liberals are brainwashed by the media" and then you sit here buying full scale everything sold to you. You aren't smarter than anyone at this- you are too dumb to see you are selling out to a different leader.
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    I recall reading in months past that this pursuit of tax status was already being reviewed, and not just for Disney, so this might be some political posturing on the part of DeSantis to make it look like he is striking back at Disney when in reality its more of him taking advantage of the moment. That being said, if companies want to throw their political opinions into the world, then let them suffer the consequences, or they can simply be a business and do their thing, STFU and make money. or perhaps they can lose money, I wonder if their investors will not start to take notice of the radical agenda and how it is impacting stock value and then shy away from these corrupt entities. I love it that DeSantis is standing up for the 99% and defending parental rights. Thank god there are still sane people standing up for simple common sense.
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    Whatever happened to, "if you don't like, don't fly!"?
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    So you admit to supporting a red state. And suckling at the teet of cheap gas. An unemployed couch monster like yourself may wish to look into a blue state. Gas for your car is overrated when you barely ever get out of the pajamas.