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    If you frequently use the term "Boyo" in your posts as your signature, then that means you love cruising ghey bodybuilder forums looking for juiced-up steroid boys, or "power twinks", to hook up with. Hence the word "boy" in "boyo". Often synonymous with "bisexual", that is a misnomer. A "boyosexual" is exclusively a biological male and only interested in other biological males (the aforementioned power twinks). They also tend to hook up with trannies, but only if that tranny was born a biological male (trans woman).
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    And the flashing lights glare, while the sirens did blare, gave proof through the night, that our bridge was not there.
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    Couples - BWahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha
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    All you people saying you'd rather peefoam over liberals, are really letting out your inner snowflake
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    https://www.theepochtimes.com/epochtv/100-percent-cancer-remission-of-patients-in-monoclonal-antibody-trial-facts-matter-5620254?utm_source=Enews&utm_campaign=etv1-2024-04-03&utm_medium=email&est=AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa%2Bc5ZwpCztPd4LIuuWhYArg0yEwD%2BTwvt3acngPVaRuLrk%2FaLA%3D%3D From the original study: The immunotherapy I took, Keytruda (pembrlizumab), is also a monclonal antibody which also works on the PD-1 pathway. Small study but, eesh, 12 out of 12 complete clinical response. Also, this was limited to "A subset of rectal cancer is caused by a deficiency in mismatch repair.", whatever that means. Still, very promising.
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    Close borders immediately and deport anyone who is here illegally no exceptions. Have a strict cap on how many immigrants we let in per year from carefully selected countries. 5,000-20,000 per year. No Islamic immigrants. I would also be fine with creating a temporary universal child income $2,000-5,000 per year per child until birthrates climb back to pre-1965 immigration act levels. As wages start to go up people will naturally have more children. You must understand English at a high school level to immigrate here. No refugees, no asylum seekers, it's someone else's problem. Country would be fixed within 2 decades.
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    Ridiculous. I don't care about any performers political opinions one way or the other but.......they booked the venue to perform their craft. People pay exorbitant money to go & be entertained. They did not pay to listen to someone hop up on a soapbox & give their political opinions. I paid to see you sing....sing monkey.
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    LOL. Californians are laughing at people calling that an earthquake.
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    She said she loves me. and I get one message a month from her. We will be together someday.
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    Raise your hand if you're glad that thug piece of sh!t is six feet under
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    I know that none of us were alive when it happened, but if people on this forum can support the Jan 6 attack on the Capitol maybe there are some here that will defend what the Japanese did on Dec 7, 1941. Some explanations we may hear (off the top of my head): 1) It was not an act of war, but a normal tourist visit, where they just happened to drop some bombs. 2) They had cameras on the wings and wanted to send some selfies to the folks back home. 3) The attack was a false flag planned by the FBI who had infiltrated the Japanese Air Force. Any other ideas?
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    You've chosen to ignore content by seafoam1. Options You've chosen to ignore content by seafoam1. Options You've chosen to ignore content by seafoam1. Options What a sad little life.
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    He hasn't been the same since he found out that Caleb Williams is a Tranny.
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    Safety. If the ice were to ever melt, what are they going to do?
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    As a country, we’ve gotten too comfortable discriminating against the majority, instead of eliminating the discrimination against the minority.
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    A middle schooler isn’t suing anybody the parents are. The parents who instead of getting this kid the mental guidance he needs fed into it in enabled this behavior. Can we just fast forward to where this kid just unalives himself in his 20s. Hopefully one of these unhinged weirdos doesn’t go whack a bunch of people first
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    Well you're not food at spelling!!!
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    I do blame him, Trumps unpredictability and strength suppressed the evil out there, it worked, Bidens weakness and ineptitude invited what has arisen. Anyone who has traveled, could know this was coming. That was easy. Pretending the BLM riots had anything to do with anyone other than the media is a joke
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    Yeah, this changed my mind about your TDS. Seek help.
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    I’m starting to think Peefoam is the girl in this video.
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    You are, without a doubt, the least intelligent, least aware, most insecure and ill-informed poster on this bored. And it ain't even close. Congratulations 🫛