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    All the teams should show up, take a knee while watching him workout, and then leave without anyone ever offering him a contract.
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    I was watching the local news this morning while I got ready for work and a Nissan commercial came on. The usual BS about it being "the holiday season for buying a new car." They showed 3 different couples exiting the Nissan dealership and happily going to their new car parked outside. Each couple had their own scene in the ad. All 3 couples were inter-racial couples. Of course alternating between black guy - white woman, black woman - white man. No other couples were shown. And of course all 3 couples were dressed like/looked like they graduated from Yale about 5 yrs ago and now their start up company is about to launch its IPO. And they could go run a marathon tomorrow. Even the one couple with a baby, who was black of course. I really don't care who you marry or what color. But it just struck me as "Nissan, you are trying waaaaay too hard to be woke". Alll 3 couples, i.e. 100%, are inter-racial? If you are going to do that at least have 1 couple where the white woman weighs about 320lbs, has bad tatoos, and is smoking a Marlboro. And the black guy is skinny and trying to hit on the woman at the customer service counter.
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    Not a surprise, Mayor Pete is known for 'coming from behind'
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    From what I have seen from your posts, you don't have a nation, you have a very liberal bowel movement that comes out of your tiny brain and into your posts on this site. You are just gross is all.
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    That no one thought the call was out of the ordinary. I mean, there were like 25 people listening in on the call. They weren't all Trump lackeys. Yet no one thought it was out of the ordinary enough to report it until much later. See, the difference you and I have is that I can see why Trump asked for the investigation(s). And I don't know but have no reason to believe he was targeting Biden. It's unfortunate that Biden ended up in the cross hairs but that says more about Biden and the swamp than it does Trump. But you're biased. Everything Trump does you assume is corrupt, much like I do with Hitlery. And that's fine. But so far the evidence here is lacking. If you really cared about corruption you'd want the Burisma/Biden thing investigated too. No one in their right mind thinks Hunter Biden got that gig due to his merits. And if his dad or just his family lineage got him the job that's a problem. Even the Obama administration expressed concerns about it. But because TRUMP we don't want it investigated? Please.
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    The people saying Rudolph should get a game are insane. Explain what he did? Grab a facemask? Give him a 15 yarder. He was driven to the ground by a notorious late hit player at the tail end of a game that was out of reach. Excuse him for being upset about it as garrett is just rolling around on him as the play is long gone. WTF are people talking about?
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    A man voting for a liberal female isn't a cuck. He is a f@ggot and or a pusssy.
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    More disturbing than the Democrats attempting to remove Trump from office before he was sworn in, more disturbing than the Democrats accusing Trump of doing (with no evidence only heresay) what Biden admitted to (withholding a billion dollars in aid unless they fired the prosecutor investigating the company paying his son $50k/mo), more disturbing than our media running full cover for this traitorous behavior... Is the fact that there are Americans stupid enough to fall for this Stalin level propaganda and even more disturbing than falling for it is their absolute blind faith, arrogance, and hostility in believing something that even a senile grandma or autistic child can see right through.
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    That's a load of crap. The founders were religious. The whole separation of church and state thing isn't intended to EXCLUDE any particular religion, just to ensure that all religions are allowed and respected in this country. The state has a had an official Christmas tree for a long time. It's a Christmas tree. If they want to have a Hanukah Menora as well I'm fine with that but the established tradition is to have a Christmas tree. If we're going to have it, call it what it is.
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    I don't know. I don't celebrate Hanukkah but I don't call that thing a holiday candle holder because it means something to the people who do celebrate Hanukkah.
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    You would hit a physically disabled person? That’s low.
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    Triggered snowflake stabs inanimate object. Retards waste money, because MAGA. Got to love the new era of far right identity politics. Ok boomer!
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    I'm starting him in 2 leagues. I don't see how anyone that has him could not play him. He is the clear #1 and is going to get most of the work. People are way overthinking this.
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    Sondland admits Trump said directly to him that he wanted "no quid pro quo". Sondland admits nobody told him that aid was tied to anything, it was merely his assumption. Meanwhile, at CNN and FBG: https://imgoat.com/uploads/c4b761a28b/156554.gif
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    1..is there a leader worth anything that would say otherwise. 2,3,4..cause of the whistleblower?
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    This is a great analysis..right up until Garrett used the helmet as a focking weapon. Get the hell out of here with this Rudolph is more to blame. Yeah,..15 yard penalties for both for the helmet taking off..After that, it becomes criminal.
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    I'm an atheist and I've never shot anyone. I also know how to spell atheist.
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    A QB in Miami that sported a Fidel Castro t-shirt? I would almost support this signing in hopes that those beaners drag him through the streets by that nappy afro.
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    Cherry did it once and got fired. Kaepernick did it all the time and got an endorsement. You would have to be a complete Fockin idiot not to see the difference. Only a cuck would think it's on the same level.