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    That ANYONE would defend this is the most depressing thing I've ever witnessed as an American citizen. This is up there with interment camps and isolationism in 1939.
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    The COVID response was stellar, you are purposely ignoring the travel ban, the rapid vaccine development, and the attempt to balance the restrictions and the economy. The low death rate is remarkable. Not accepting reality just to feed your bias shows you for what you are.
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    No. China really hasn't changed a lick in the whole time I've been here. All the same problems exist, as do the pluses and draws. Every point of criticism of China in 2001, as well as every point of praise, is the same. I don't want to talk about China. This will be long enough. It seems in reply to lazy one liners, I'm typing thesises today but so be it. I've always been a huge MTSkiBum fan. Not but five years ago, I wouldn't know where your posts ended and mine began. It occurred to me that you and I were thinking with the same brain. Maybe China is tangentially responsible, but only so far as I am not in the US anymore to get my pulse on country to see what's going on. Nothing to see here, everything is fine. Everybody on my block still mows the lawn and shovels the snow, same as always. I left in 2001 and from this end of the computer, Amerika is increasingly focked up. Are you familiar with the term 'boiling the frog?' Apparently, if you increase the temperature slowly enough, you can get it all the way to boiling without a frog noticing or reacting. Well, I'm not in the pot; I've been gone for nineteen years and so I live in a cultural bubble to 2001. And culturally there's been a massive shift, not in China but in the US. As you can tell from my posts, I can't stand what I'm seeing. Where to begin? Maybe the universities and the school system that's pumping out all these woke fools who then infest everything else. We can replace history with alternate history. Out goes Thomas Jefferson the visionary and his personal moral courage as eloquent words and insights on liberty, freedom, limited government. In comes Jefferson the slave owning hypocrite and down goes the Jefferson statues. They are replacing 1776 with 1619 and teaching your kids that in schools not as an oh, by the way, Jefferson was actually flawed sadly, but as the main meal. While we're talking about history, how about the brave, hearty settlers on the Oregon Trail. They go off into the wilderness in a wagon, into nothing, and through hard work and sweat and ingenuity and a bunch of small miracles, raise families and set up thriving communities for their posterity. I know you like camping and hiking and fishing, you make posts that make me envious all the time. These are our fore-bearers, they tamed the land, cleared the snakes and wolves and what have you, and made it habitable and safe for you and me. It was because of the work ethic and courage of a few hundreds of thousand families like Laura Ingalls Wilder's family that made America great. So now the sh*tbags at Oregon State University topple the pioneer statue to honor the people whose hard work made their worthless, culturally degenerate life possible. We've renamed the award for children's literature by taking Laura Ingalls Wilder's name off of it. Horrible imperialist and racists scum on stolen land. Children should be reading Nikole Hannah-Jones instead. I guess I could use NHJ to segue into how much the media sucks in 2021, but I just wrote up a long post about that this morning in the Donald Trump/Georgia thread in response to another one line post form Old Maid. Suffice to say that the fourth estate is entirely compromised and unreliable in 2021, the last vestiges of their professionalism and impartiality has been stripped away. Instead I'll talk about race issues a different NHJ segue. Personally, from 1998 into 2000, I was engage to a black girl of the very darkest chocolate complexion. Her dumping me was both the result of, and a contributing factor in, the serious bout of depression that I had been dealing with and suffering from before coming to China in 2001. I never was made to feel uncomfortable to be with her. The gold standard in race relations at that time was Martin Luther King and colorblindness and equality and to me he remains a hero and the North Star of race relations that we should be guiding ourselves by. But colorblindness and MLK's dream aren't where race relations are in 2021 anymore. We've moved beyond that to now that being racist. Anti-racist is the new non-racist, and people who believe in the colorblindness of MLK are now racist. You have to support affirmative action, you have to agree that elderly white people should be prioiritzes less for vaccination against a disease that targets elderly, after communities of color. Not seeing race is replaced with obsessing about race and prioritizing whites last. MLK is out, read White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo and Ibram Kendi's books, they're highly recommended from the NYTimes best seller list. All the rich white sh*tbags on the Upper West side of Manhattan and around the country are convinced that whiteness is privilege and you have to be actively anti-white in your life to combat it. Their privilege comes from being rich sh*tbags on the upper West side of Manhattan, being white has nothing to do with it. They can fock off and kiss my underprivileged and non-racist white Macomb County ass. I'm running out of gas and patience to write. This is my second essay today. Then there's fake police brutality. But you can't talk about fake police brutality because the internet is owned by the far left Big Tech censors who ban such discussions, just like they also promote fake racism accusations and celebrate Robin DiAngelo and Ibram Kendi and quash critics. Hollywood movies are compromised. The focked up Star Wars and Ghostbusters. The worst thing Igotworms ever posted was a defense of 'Cuties,' which i can't imagine he drank so much leftist koolaid that he would do such a thing. I just treated the kids in our entire school to see The Kroods 2 as part of our Christmas festivities. It was a good movie with it's moments, the men are, of course, like very movie made in the last six years, idiots who get kidnapped by monkeys and need saving by the women. In the ending credits, I saw that Phil was voiced by Peter Dinklage and had I know that going in, I'd have listened to find out what Tyrion Lannister sounds like with an American accent. Then, never mind gay marriage, let's talk about trannies again. Yay! Kick all those biological women's asses in sports. Go shower with the twelve year old girls! I just how there are 78 genders and if you don't agree you get kicked off of social media. Our girls are taught to be masculine and our boys are taught to be feminine. The quarterback of my favorite NFL team kneels for the national anthem on Thanksgiving. We rig elections and nobody looks into it or care. Yay! Woke Amerika. So, no, China isn't getting to me. We did this to ourselves and China had nothing do with it besides flub two critical months this time last year of coronavirus response. But go on pretending you don't see it and embrace the new normal. From outside the pot, I can tell you that you are the frog and you are boiling, but if you don't see it, don't feel it for yourself, what can I do? Lately it's been playing a sh*t ton of Sudoku, before that some computer games. I've been tuning out the news this past month. It's just awful. Like I said in the post you quoted, woke Amerikan sh*tbags celebrating and spiking the football on the corpse of a formerly great country. This ban on gender specific words is the next step, the latest installment. At one time in America, defunding he police would have been thought absurd. Angela Davis floated that idea in the 70s and people thought she was nuts. But now we're in woke Amerika so let's just dance on the corpse instead. If Amerika's future is one full of drugged up zombies wandering through a burnt out former police station covered in ACAB and phallus graffiti with heroine needles all over the floor and smelling like piss, maybe being in China isn't so bad. For most of my time here, I wished China would be more like the US. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.
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    Thank you all I finished 4th place out of $ but I did have a 10-3 regular season with all the assistance of this group appreciate the gamesmanship win lose or draw it’s Fantabulous Fantasy Football Forum the best in my opinion on the World Wide Web congrats to those whom won there championship and good luck to those who can tonight peace and may the Lord Bless each and everyone of you Ron
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    Is this the day the Repubs stop being the biggest sore losers in the history of politics, while their umpteenth attempt to overturn the POTUS election results is soundly rejected, and Biden is declared the winner yet again? So pathetic. Far right delusion.
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    1. Always assume the gun is loaded. 2. Never point the gun at anything you don't want to kill or destroy. 3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target and you've made the decision to shoot. 4. Know what's beyond your target. It's almost like someone invented rules to handle firearms, yet people STILL ignore them.
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    I just think the universe is so wonderful, magnificent and not really fathomable. I think our minds are quite limited and all we can comprehend is what we can observe and that leaves gaping holes in our understanding. I was raised as a Catholic and then a United Methodist. I went to Catholic school most of my life. I love learning about all religions but simply do not feel any one religion is the truth. I have no desire to push my way of thinking on others and certainly do not wish harm to anyone who believes differently.
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    Meanwhile, screaming matches are erupting in the Oval Office. And Trump is going to walk away with a $60M slush fund from all the idiots who sent money to fight the fake election fraud. Fortunately, he'll need it. Because his neighbors in Florida don't want to have anything to do with him. I mean, when Florida of all places thinks you are classless... Hey man, all I can say is keep it up! Rip the spigot off the clown juice and let it just gush out. Trump is the new Cousin Eddie. Well he's already got the kissing and lusting after his daughter thing down. Meanwhile, the GOP can't run fast enough or far enough away from this train wreck. LOL
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    No. He lies all the time and is one the Pedo Defenders. Possibly the worst thing is, when he's not claiming that he cradled the head of some accident victim, every three months he claims to be dying in some vague post and has been doing so for at least the past five years. He's like Red Foxx clutching his chest and yelling "Elizabeth".
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    Might be the case until you realize you can’t say mother or father in congress anymore. It is what it is, we are in a culture war, and you stand with the freaks.
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    If you don’t think it’s odd the way the swing states turned in the middle of the night you are a moron If you think it’s normal that the %s in all the areas that flipped overnight don’t match with anywhere else in the United States you are a moron if you think Biden got more votes than Obama while getting a smaller % of black votes Latino votes and white votes you are a moron if you think Biden won fair and square. You are a moron
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    Some people need to get out of their echo chambers. What is the supposed agenda of the WSJ for example? Their political opinion writers are mostly conservative, but I’d hardly say the paper has an agenda. NY Times and WaPo tend liberal in the opinion section, but the actual news sections have a very long track record of credibility. Anybody who thinks the WSJ is liberal must be a far-right extremist.
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    I'm sure he has an uncle in Kansas city too.
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    Just wait until they stop counting for a few hours and reset the machines. Thats when the D votes will really start coming in.
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    The hate was already stirred up by the looting and rioting all summer. That's where we went over the edge. Anything from the far right is simply the response, because far far too many people believe it must be responded to. We're going over the edge. People like you have contributed to the hate, with visceral attacks on Trump and yet refusing to condemn the rioters and the looters in the same emotional manner. People can SEE that. You seek credibility. Its obvious when you throw your "I've got 30 years experience in news" on the table. But if you want credibility, the way to get it is to call all the rioters and summers this past summer a bunch of lickspittles with the same venom you give Trump. If you condemn it ALL, on both sides, you get credibility that you so desperately seek. But you don't do that. So your 30 years means spit. And people SEE how you types are one-sided. And that is leading to potential riots from the right on Jan 6th, inauguration day, etc.
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    I won’t. Biden is a bore and he’s likely to be a total mediocrity, but the POTUS isn’t going to affect my life that much. I look forward to having one who is not a complete embarrassing disgrace at every turn.
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    Technically you could have killer abs if you were to roll over onto, and smother, an infant.
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    News of new grandchild on the way. I won this thread.
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    Maybe 15-16 years ago at my sister's house. It might have been the last Christmas before my dad died and everything eventually went to hell. It was just a good night. I had recently bought a Canon Powershot A75 3.2 megapixel camera (LOL) and I thought I was Ansel Adams. I took tons of pictures and thankfully as much as I hate being in photos for some reason that night I made a point to take family pictures. I have a lot of great (to me) shots of my dad and my sister who passed as well. I still have them on an old desktop computer that I had at the time. That Christmas was just during a window when life was really pretty good
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    Two Trumpers die and go to heaven. God meets them at the pearly gates and asks if they have any questions. One of them says, “Yes my Lord. What were the real results of the 2020 election and who was behind the fraud?” God says, “My son, there was no fraud. Biden won the election fair and square.” After a few seconds of stunned silence, the one Trumper turns to the other and whispers, “This goes higher up than we thought!” Muh fraud!