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    Tucker Carlson is for political zombies who are too intellectually lazy to form their own opinions or question what he says.
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    I get it, this situation might not feed your bias. I want to be patient here and let it unfold, keep my fingers crossed. I really don't care who the person is, I mean....if they did this sh!t to Biden I would be just as concerned. If the DOJ protected a Trump kid that had obviously been working the back channels to exploit Trump's presidency I would want that focko taken to task as well. These people in power are supposed to be checked by the media, and hopefully entities like the DOJ. Instead they are political activists. The main problem I have with their activism is that is it allowing really powerful people to be corrupt without a check, the fact that this is benefitting Democrats more so than Republicans should not be the issue. We should object to the ongoing allowance for corruption and the complicity of the DOJ in particular.
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    Lol that digby created a dual for the sole purpose of posting on weekends so he can continue with the charade of how busy and awesome his life is
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    If you are the one who keeps reporting Gutter, please delete your account, punch yourself in the face, and go back to FBG never to return. We don't operate like those whiny biotches over there. If you don't like someone's position on something, try posting an intelligent response. TIA.
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    If only there was a 510-page Coronavirus thread where information such as this could be added for further discussion.
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    No. If he was on the red team he wouldn’t bash establishment republicans as much as he does nor would he give voice to those outside of the establishment as much as he does. You should watch with some frequency. You’ll see that he’s a conservative not an RNC mouthpiece. Establishment republicans don’t go on his show. They go on Hannity.
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    Maybe, lol. It might not be doing much right now because almost everyone has natural immunity at this point. But it prevented many deaths in 2021, and would have been more if more people had taken it.
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    You’re talking to a bunch of idiots that can’t even understand the differences between the measles virus and the covid virus and why the vaccines for the two work differently… so, good luck with that.
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    I don’t see how it could be described as “unpatriotic,” but I get the argument for calling it inhumane. Yes, these people are crossing the border with apparently no plan, but intentionally shipping them to other cities is stepping it up a notch. I do think it’s smart to get the politicians in those cities to get a sense of what TX is dealing with, but it’s still kinda inhumane.
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    My first impression was that he looked like emperor Palpatine from Star Wars.
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    Black and red at political rallies. A man with clenched fists screaming at the popoulace. I know where I have seen this before.
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    he clearly drafted 7th or 8th you focking retard. your team blows KSB
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    It’s cute that you two centrists think Biden is calling the shots. Here it is in its most simplistic form. Biden has full blown dementia and is completely incompetent to read a paragraph, let alone run the United States. The Democrats behind Biden are the ones who are running the country straight into the ground. Make sense?
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    Hard day for me fellas. Today I drop my first born off at MEPs. He's heading to Lackland in San Antonio for basic training. I know many of you have already been through this and we've several empty nesters, but man... this sucks. Four year initial hitch the Space Force. 7.5 weeks in Texas and then another 14 weeks for tech school in southern Cali. I'm super happy for him and I think he's going to do well. He likes structure. He was a really smart kid. AP in high school, but just didn't want to go to college right away. Got a 93 on his asvab and they told him he could go into anything he wanted in the military. Space Force appealed to him. But a I'm super sad to have him so far away from me. My heart is heavy but my soul is light. I think we've prepared him the best we could. Just him leaving our protection... Rough.
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    There’s a whole host of reasons why it didn’t gain traction, the FBI was the least of it. Out of all those emails that is contained, only about a quarter of them were verified. Not to mention that the hard drive was shown to be accessed a number of times remotely, so that’s why most of it was deemed questionable. Then the guy who worked at the computer store even said that stuff being reported about it didn’t match what he originally copied from the hard drive. But yeah… it was all about the FBI. The whole thing was shady AF.
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    Some Facts: The laptop story was NOT Russian disinformation. (just in case you live in a cave) The FBI knew the laptop was genuine, they had the laptop for almost a full year prior. October 14, 2020 the New York Post published an article based on an email from the laptop about a purported meeting between then-Vice President Joe Biden and Burisma advisor Vadym Pozharskyi which the Biden campaigned denied. October 19, 2020 a group of 51 former senior intelligence officials released an open letter stating that the release of the alleged emails "has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation". Meanwhile, we now know, the FBI approached the major social media outlets telling them that Russian propaganda dump was coming. Zuckerberg can't remember if they said Hunter Laptop or not. Twitter suspended all stories about the laptop. Facebook censored and suppressed laptop stories in a "meaningful" way.
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    Spoiler alert! The story ends with 50 aliases on a low rent message board.