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    Let's just say I've turned over the hourglass a time or two.
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    I don't want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don't want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don't want to do that.
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    Outside of some small town PD that can't afford it, there's absolutely no reason why every police department in America shouldn't have these. There's no downside at all. Either you exonerate a good police officer, find an opportunity for retraining when an officer makes a mistake, or you find and release the bad ones.
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    Were you imagining yourself shoving me with each question mark?
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    The Ukraine thing is new. Let’s see the full tax returns and do a complete investigation of all of Biden and Trump’s foreign business dealings including those of their family members! Fair is fair.
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    Everything that you want, hope for and advocate for is a long term horrible idea for our country and will radically change it for the worse. You and your kind are so naive and so unaware because you have lived in comfort and safety for so long you don't know any other way and you have convinced yourself it can't be taken away. Many of you are common ingrates, but many others just take our country for granted, as if it magically became the worlds greatest civilization. And when you do acknowledge that it wasn't easy getting here it's only to point a finger at those who built it amd tear them down. Your white guilt means nothing in reality. It's all about you and your kinds narcissm. It will never move us forward, only divide and stop progress. Get over yourselves
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    I am coming to believe that the Democrats are really dirty people, I mean, to their core....truly bad people......
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    Switch the names Joe and Hunter Biden with Donald and Eric Trump. Go ahead, it's fun!
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    That's SOOOO weird. I talked to a few moderate Democrats and they can't believe the Dems are still trying to get Trump for anything. They're tired of the nonsense and just want Congress to pass legislation to help Americans.
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    Maybe. I don’t think they get Trump on this. But Filthy is deranged. I thought the point was that Joe Biden compelled Ukraine into firing an investigator to protect his son. You’re just flinging around goalposts like HT’s kid tossing turds in the house now.
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    A couple observations 1. An ugly, bitter little Kvnt she is 2. It’s good she values education. No right minded man is going to take care of an ugly snatch that likely drips vinegar. 3. You are 16 and your name is Greta? The Menedez brothers should be your heros. 4. The vehicle in my garage that gets 8-9 mpg just became my daily driver because I don’t care if 3rd world dumps across the pond are dying. 5. I will not outlive mass extinction, so yes Greta, economic growth in the next 30 years is more important than the human race and I have no issues taking an R Kelly on your stupid face and the entire shittthole you call home 6. Get back in the kitchen, kvnt
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    Looks like Juju is questionable but expected to play, though he was held out of practice Wednesday and Thursday. If he's limited, that might tilt the scales in Diontae's favor. I'm not too worried about Gallup being inactive, barring a major setback, but he could also be a bit limited in his first action. So do what you want, but just be prepared to face the Unbending First Law of Fantasy Football--no matter who you start, it will be wrong.
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    That is one of the things that HT strives for... It is one of his very few enjoyments in his life...
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    Damn cost-cutting mother fockers! Now they're putting gorillas in my habitat???
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    I’m just a citizen that thinks the current President is one of the bad guys in the world. Besides intending to vote against him in 13 months, I’m not really “doing” anything. I’m not crying wolf every week (I don’t even think I post about him a lot of weeks). I’m not starting investigations into his actions. And those that are Rarely if Ever consult me before doing so. When we say “the entire left” or “the entire right”, it’s just lazy and divisive. Most of us are just normal people that have opinions on about 30 issues and those opinions range from strong to weak. When we add them up, the Democrat vs Republican scale is weighted one way or the other and we tend to vote that way. Anyone thinking that every Democrat enthusiastically and wholly supports every stance of the far left (or vice versa with the right) is....pretty fuckking stupid really. Real people are complex and nuanced. They aren’t the caricatures people like to create in a lazy effort to simplify things for themselves.
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    Perfect post, except opposite. Thanks for writing it compadre
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    If I have the guts https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2019/09/26/us/politics/trump-whistle-blower-spy.amp.html Lots of other sources too since I’m sure you’ll b1tch about that one. You fellas really need to check yourselves here. This thing is really coming off the rails now. Trump committing a new crime every time he opens his mouth. And serious crimes too.
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    Amazingly and willfully ignorant, yes. I mean how any American could support this is beyond me. Put politics aside for a second, we’ve got essentially a mafia shakedown attempt to force a foreign government to interfere in a U.S. election. That is very, very bad — don’t care which “side” you’re on.
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    I dunno fellas, I’ve talked to a few moderate Republicans who are pretty concerned about this Ukraine thing. They weren’t fans of Trump to begin with but they’re hardly liberals either
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