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    No, I don't. I have, in teaching here, seen how culture affects things. My students are quite intelligent. I'm sure every bit as intelligent as students in the US or Europe. They are extremely good, even amazingly so, at anything that merely involves rote memorization and practice. Math, dance, etc. However, 70 some odd years of commie education has utterly destroyed any ability to think critically or any problem solving skills whatsoever from these people. It's comical at times. If the answer isn't right there to be memorized and copied, they simply shut down. Don't have a clue what to do. Adults as well as children. Similarly, in the African American community, there are cultural barriers to learning. Why do Asian American and white American students perform better in school... 1. Parents. Parents who give a fock. Parents who exist in a plural meaning of the word. Parents who aren't drug addicts. Parents who adequately feed and provide for the kids and actually supervise them. 2. The attitude toward education. Seems like the black community has a “if you try, you are a b!tch” mentality when it comes to school. A black student in America will face more pushback from his peers than any other race in America. And that's on the black community. No amount of money will ever fix that. No system will ever fix that. Kids are like computers... garbage in, garbage out. You want to know the true “white privilege?” Most white or asian people who succeed did so because their culture helped them do so. Most black people who succeed had to overcome theirs. Obviously that is much harder. Fortunately for black people, equality is coming! Not because they will lift themselves up, but because it seems like most white people are content to absorb that culture and join them at the bottom. So there's that I guess.
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    Yeah, that's what's in the training slides I've seen, "don't call a black kid a nagger." One of the things I enjoy about your posts is that it provides insight as to what pablum the MSM is feeding its constituents. For CRT, it is "why are you conservatards so concerned about CRT, it isn't being taught, ergo it will never be taught! And coming up with laws against teaching it, why are you doing that?! It isn't being taught, you shouldn't enact those laws$#@!" Or maybe... if it isn't ever going to be taught, why do you care so much? Then again, slippery slopes never happen. Sincerely, Jerryskids (he/him, CIS testicle haver)
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    What’s more embarrassing: Challenging Digby to a fight? Or backing down when he accepts?
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    It’s not over text but these two chicks keep following me around an Internet message board begging for my attention.
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    So HT wants to me to meet him in Hilton Head cause he wants to throw down. He claims he won’t back out so I’m creating this thread now. He challenged me and wants to follow through with it. Is it childish? Most definitely. Grown ass man wants to play childish games so I’m down. Sometime in august is all I know. Hopefully he gives a little more details but I won’t back down if he won’t. Don’t worry though, I’ll have it recorded so I can use it against him if he tries to sue me or have me arrested. I’ll make sure to upload it for yall
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    Then you voted FOR more racism. Good job - racist.
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    This thread makes my girlie bits feel funny...the masculinity is causing my ovaries to jump around, dance, and
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    It"s a toss up between him and Utilit regarding which one is more useless than teets on a fire ant. Their loserness is so bad that it's entertaining, though.
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    HT further solidifies his #1 ranking as biggest loser here at the geek club...
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    I mentioned yesterday that I had gotten a few sad face emoji reactions and expected a stern rebuke, I don’t remember which thread. Since then I’ve gotten about 20 sad faces, which is more than I had posts, I think. When I wasn’t posting he went and found some random posts from 5-10 years ago. Topic is irrelevant: politics, banana peppers, beejers, nothing is safe from this sardonic wit. Gotta be @Utilit99, right? Nobody else F5s this bored all day, and thinks posting an unfunny thing like a cow emoji to an MDC post on, say, 80s horror movies, is funny the 1000th time he does it. Whoever it is, I salute you and give you the attention you so richly deserve. I sit here a humbled poster, a beaten man. You win, and I can think of no better reward for you than
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    Won’t people get sick of Giants vs Jets every year?
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    I think they should go door to door looking for illegals. It’s our tax dollars supporting them. Don’t we have a right to know?
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    Promoting? First you say you are for equal access to opportunity. Then you realize that equal access to opportunity doesn't result in appropriate outcomes. Then you post the article touting a program you approve of where Amazon is offering money and resources to only black businesses. But that is in contrast to your initial desire for "equal opportunity". So now you're just for "promoting" black businesses? Dude, you're all over the place and don't know what some words mean. What exactly do you want the end result to be?
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    It shows my last post at 2008. I have not been back since then. Can anyone tell me what I have missed. Does Giants Fan still post? Love that guy.
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    Didn't antifa just burn down a bunch of them?
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    5 if you count that big pumpkin head of yours
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    My dad challenged your dad to a fight! But then your dad accepted so my dad said “just kidding” and backed down like a gutless weasel.
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    He was president of the country for four years donating his salary. He worked on what he ran on and the left fought him every step of the way. Basically the liberals said "no" to all the people who voted him in. They didn't want what the majority of the people wanted so they slandered and lied to get their way. They impeached Trump twice. And Trump is now back off the clock still working to make this country great again. Dude is a hero.
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    How to make friends and influence people, by hardcore troubadour.
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    Just reading this thread makes me feel embarrassed.
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    It is time for both of you to reevaluate your lives.
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    People like me were bleeding on the beaches of Normandy fighting the Nazis while useless people like you wereas hiding under their beds with 4F deferments.
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    Land of the free doesn't mean land of no consequences. Go into your job today. Wear their logo on your shirt. Then wait until a big visible moment, and yell how much your company sucks. See how that works out for you. She made a choice to represent her country and that flag. Honor it, or get bounced.
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    So how many teams this year will be named Bill Cosby's Sleepers?