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    I see a bunch if "likes" and "ha-has" for some of the dumbest sh!t posts. Im convinced people have aliases and react to their own posts. That is all.
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    Ahhh the good old days when Obama was president back on 5/2/2011: Agreed, but I'm still glad that fvcker is dead. Shut the fvck up, hippie. But he's mad at Trump because he killed a very bad guy?:
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    He just opened the Golden Globes by roasting the audience. Good watch. https://www.mediaite.com/entertainment/ricky-gervais-torches-hollywood-elite-in-scathing-globes-opener-youre-in-no-position-to-lecture-the-public-about-anything/
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    Ruhle was the guy they wanted. New Yorker. Was on the staff. A leader. They didnt want to pay him what he was going to get from the Panthers. So they went with the fallback. Call it cheap. Call it not paying up. I dont care. Bottom line is they didnt want to give the guy the money he wanted. Funny how a big fan of the Yankees suddenly cares about the Giants pockets. Weird. Im not saying Judge will suck. Good coaches come from all sorts of places. Im saying they didnt get their guy. Period. Why are you upset? Im not trying to trash you. From the start you come in defensive and aggresive. Its focking weird. Not sure why every thread has to be some big dramatic argument with you. You act like a woman.
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    there isnt a damn person in this world that thinks this wasnt the right choice what they disagree with is who the President was when it occurred If Obama said this dude killed Americans or was plotting to kidnap and kill Americans, every person on both sides would say take the focker out, but Trump TDS. There was no divide on killing Bin Laden
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    And yet if this all happened in 2011, then you would be saying things like this: Shut the fvck up, hippie. Agreed, but I'm still glad that fvcker is dead. TDS much dude? Talk about being in a cult...
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    To spend a lot more time with a warm mug of chamomile, a box of tissues, and this video.
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    Why not, you traded the stars and stripes to get laid.
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    Brady leaves the NFL, begins his transition, and then "she" and Gisele become the first wife and wife duo in the lingerie football league.
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    Salma is the only one to pay attention to at GGs
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    That's because his 'woman' was called Bruce Jenner back then.
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    Lefties play dumb when Democrats are on the hook for a crime, yet act like legal scholars when attacking Trump. It's like they touch the Orb of Confusion when the Hunter Biden topic arises.
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    We killed OBL in retaliation for 9/11. We killed an Iranian security director in retaliation for broken windows and fires at a foreign embassy. You’re comparing oranges, coconuts and cinderblocks. I have six notifications from you between 3 and 5 am. Better sleep might help you get it in.
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    LOL! Wow. What a complete pile of sh!t. We knew it all along, but wow. Oops. I guess the little turd didn't know he had those morsels from yesteryear sitting out there. It just PROVES what a complete TYPICAL liberal/sheep he is. Toes the party line. Doesn't think on his own. Lets the flock leader think for him. Now watch...he'll pop on here and try to justify it, or call you out for because you dug it up.
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    WTF. He was an American. With an American family. Working at the behest of our country. And while I don't know 100%, I'd be shocked if he wasn't a former service member. You should be focking ashamed of yourself for this post.
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    If I caught you setting fire to my place and trying to hurt those around me I would shoot your fat ass and I don't think anyone would bat an eye about it. Just sayin.
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    Or consultant for an energy conglomerate in the Ukraine? A coal miner has more energy experience than Biden’s crackhead son.
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    I'm going to pretend that MDC and Worms are intelligent.
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    Big fan of how this is being handled. They attack, we hit back harder, the way it should be. I’m really hoping for more from them.
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    Irish all of your posts were this short.
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    Hey dumbfock. He released the aid before the congressionally mandated deadline. I hate to break it to you but the President makes foreign policy. You may not like it but that's the way it's been for a long time. So if he thinks there's a reason to hold off on releasing it for some reason, that's his prerogative. You're such a focking hack. It's pathetic.
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