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    Until about half an hour ago. Dude was in surgery for about 7 hours having it removed. Came out successful with the neurosurgeon saying he believes he got every bit of it removed. What surprised me was, that my brother had to be awake throughout the whole surgery to follow the surgeon's instructions to " help guide the tumor removal process for maximum precision and safety." Just wild. He'll be back in his home by Sunday most likely they said. Sounds like something you would put on a work resume. "Assisted neurosurgeon with successful brain tumor removal process. Very detailed worker under stressful conditions."
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    Years ago I forgot my wallet and had to borrow 175 dollars from a friend, I rarely carry cash and have forgotten about paying him back. Today I saw him in a gas station and he was giving me crap. How hard up for money must this loser be if he bothering me over 175 dollars. Should I go to his home and punch him in front of his wife or should I drop it?
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    It’s also incredible how many people automatically side with the police in these situations. This knee jerk assumption that the police are never wrong is a big part of the problem.
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    Dating a younger man, huh?
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    I'm not outraged. I'm pointing out who the intolerant ones are in this country. It usually all starts and ends with the liberal collective.
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    If the police are a big problem in your life the police aren’t the problem.
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    Won't pass senate or Executive, and shouldn't. The 87K hires they want to make are over 10 years and mostly to replace retiring workers.
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    ive answered this before. liberals on this forum are not here for genuine conversation. if they were, they could fess up when their side does something they disagree with. if rusty, fnord, mooney, honcho, etc. would enter this thread and blast their own side for bad policy with no "yeah buts", no jokes, no slamming the other side, just straight up let their own side have it, they might actually be taken seriously a little bit. but they run and hide on these issues. because they are NOT here for discourse. they are here to attack people not on the left. they are here to run guilt trips and personal attacks. they are not here to defend the lefts actions on a damn thing. thats why they are bots. 01010111101001010 beep boop.
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    I'm not sure I could say the same thing about Trump, but for Biden and Pence, I suspect whoever was moving their sh!t from the vice president house to their respective homes just picked up stuff that should have gone to the National Archives. They both immediately reported and promptly handed over the documents to the National Archives and are cooperating fully.
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    Trump has been the best president of my adult life. I will happily vote for him again.
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    Wiff threw up the bat signal. Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da CRAPMAN!
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    You have a washing machine and she goes out to do the laundry? You’re buying that?
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    . If the NHL had a Jesus theme night where the players did warmups in a tunic and skated around with crosses on their back, you commie leftists would be calling for a total boycott of the NHL and the players that rightfully withdrew from participating would be celebrated by the media and corporate overlords. And yes, I am comparing the current lgbtq+%|hdkr or whatever it’s called movement to a religion because that is what it has become to you commies.
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    Is that why your MOM has that sweet sweet landing strip?
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    Criminals need more rights and privileges. Criminals need to feel safe when committing crimes. That should be the goal.
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    Honcho, I give you credit for owning up to being partially wrong. And I say partially because you were always open to the possibility of criminal charges, at least as producer of the film. However, you did agree with Worm's analysis and said the only reason some of us were disputing his analysis was, and I post one of your quotes that you conveniently left out above: Not sure why you felt the need to bring politics in to this but whatever. In any event, I wonder if @IGotWorms and @GobbleDog will be as gracious as you and admit they were wrong......
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    He should have gone out during the “ceremony?” and did snow angels on the ice to honor all the snowflakes.
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    I thought the speech was really good. And I’m very confident that if MLK were alive, he would approve of Biden as President.
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    “When you want to help people, you tell them the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.”--Thomas Sowell White Democrats tell them what they want to hear. Thomas Sowell is black.
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    YOU don't get to decide what would make this forum better. If you don't like what it is GTFO and go post at the curly bored.
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    But this indicates not only that I’m wrong, but that I know I’m wrong and trying to troll you. I assure you that is not the case. I truly believe that Adam Schiff is one of the most decent, honest and thoughtful politicians we have. I’ve thought this long before Trump ever became President. And many liberals like me honestly believe this. There is a reason he was chosen to be chief House Manager during the first impeachment. If he had been a partisan hack (like Maxine Waters for example) Pelosi never would have chosen him.And it was the correct choice. Schiff gave some of the best speeches I have ever heard. Any objective group of jurors would have removed Trump. Of course the Republican controlled Senate was never going to do it, much to their shame. And please don’t call me a troll. You may disagree with me or think that I am crazy or an idiot or both. But this is what I truly believe.
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    My uncle is a black man who is a former Los Angeles police officer, conservative, Trump supporter and a California native. I asked him about it and he responded: Another ridiculous vomit by Governor Homelander (not sure what that means). Buying votes with money he doesn’t have, unlike the feds he can’t just print money and no way implement such a damn fool idea. What they are doing is monetizing being a victim. How do you keep blacks on the Democratic plantation in 2023? Not only convince them that there is a racist behind every tree and that they are a victim of it, but also that it is PROFITABLE to be a victim of racism. It is all a sick destructive con.
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    Do you know how difficult it was to teach my kids to not hurt others? To not take a gun to school? To respect authority? Not difficult at all....