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    I am tired of hearing about Trump, guns, terrorists, Me Too, gays, immigrants, Mexicans, China, North Korea and believe it or not racism. Tired, tired, tired!
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    She sure has a lot of plastic surgery/botox/fillers. Is that even attractive? No one should apologize for being white. That's kind of not even understanding the issue. Me being born black is not the bad part, anymore than her being white is bad. It's how you live your life. Being aware that some people suffer and that you have privileges does not mean you should apologize for who you are. I don't have to apologize to Mexicans for being American. I just have to respect people and be aware that not everyone may have my advantages.
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    I told you guys he would come back some day. How many times did I say we should move to another board? Well, you didn’t listen and now here we are. I hope you’re happy.
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    I think telling kids when they are 8, 9, 10, 11, years old...etc...that "everything is fair, equal, etc".... is part of it. Then when these people are older, and have to be in the real world, they realize sh@it isn't fair, and it comes as shock to them. They think "What a bunch of B.S.....I'll show them" I would imagine a lot of the eventual shooters, had messed up childhoods, likely were picked on, teased, shunned. Back in the day, kids could deal with "bullies" or "being picked on". Nowadays...its "I'll show you"
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    Of course robots are white, we build them to work.
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    They could bargain? That should work out great. Why should I have to bargain for something I've already earned? And how about the military and veterans? They don't get to bargain. So when their taxes go up, they get to pay for something they already earned with their labor? How is that a good deal for them? Millions want to know.
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    ...Candace passed peacefully at home, surrounded by her favorite dildos and three cats.
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    If you're surprised Epstein chose the route of suicide last night, imagine how surprised he must have been.
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    That happened to my wife once. Gloria’s friend “Alice” was over one time and she was wearing a really nice pair of socks, so naturally Gloria started saying “I want your big black socks, give me your big black socks” over and over within earshot of my laptop. I still get the pop-up ads.
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    Didn't even have to shoot up a mall or bacon fest.
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    I'm the exact opposite. I'm proud to be white.
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    Right wingers tend to be atheletes and therefore tend to get laid on a regular basis while in high school and college. Incels are nerds who tend to be liberals and don't get laid on a regular basis while in high school and college. hth
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    Wow! If those Asian carp can jump like that, I can't imagine what African-American carp can do.
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    President AOC presides over a Constitutional Convention where Bernie Sanders, George Soros, Kamala Harris , Al Sharpton, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Joe Bryant, Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon rewrite the Constitution.
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    My wife and I are heading to Disneyland at the end of August. Our kids are 21 and 20. This will be first time going by ourselves. We're going to relax at the crazily overpriced Disney property hotel, drink overpriced alcoholic beverages, and have fun on the rides. Any kvnt that thinks she's more entitled to ANYTHING can suck on my GC sized monstrous c0ck.
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    I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too.
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    I hate both the author of this article and her ass hole in-laws. They sound perfect for each other.
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    What do all these shooters have in common? They come from homes with college educated parents, typically liberal, typically divorced. Quit turning men into women and their kids will quit wanting to chop their dix off and shoot up schools and churches and bars. Another thing that would help is banning Twitter and turning off CNN. CNN is calling for a full out war, labeling white males domestic terrorists. These people are insane.
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    If you believe in that sort of thing. Sure. I say it’s time to make murdering someone illegal. Once we gat that resolved then we can look to disallowing bad guys to own guns. Once that’s resolved we can....
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    If your boy “got up to pee” he was cranking one out after watching that scene. Great movie great scene
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    Healthcare for everyone that is free means I have to wait longer to see a doctor and get my procedures done.
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    No other POTUS Dem or Rep in my lifetime would have said something even remotely as classless and stupid.