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    I heard that Elizabeth Warren is taking 1/64 of the day off.
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    Imagine being Peefoam. You spend another Saturday night alone reading Breitbart and Newsmax in your basement apartment. In the wee hours of the morning you finally shut down the Google box and go to bed, but something’s gnawing at you: The Jungle Book! You get back online to complain about it, typing with one hand and your flaccid, warty cack in the other. But there’s nobody to complain to online. Everybody else is asleep. Focking loser.
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    IT'S SUPER MA'AM!!!!!
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    Are you Thor? Well, a little...
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    It is amusing that the left urges workers to organize and fight for their rights, then turn around and act shocked when workers organize and fight for their rights in a way they do not approve of. The left doesnt care about workers rights beyond them marching lockstep behind the left, as this thread proves.
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    Dumber than people who died instead of getting a free vaccine? Literally dying from their own stupidity... 99.2% of COVID deaths are now of unvaccinated people.
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    Transgender people are that way because of mental illness or are a "fetish" Show me the scientific proof of that
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    If you are making threats against elected officials because you don't like something then yeah you are probably closer to a terrorist than a rational person. Trump's USCMA is "95% of NAFTA." A lot of the changes put in were borrowed from the TPP which was there when Trump came into office. He rejected and then used the components. There have been very minimal, if any, benefits from the treaty signed by Trump. You are okay with court stacking as long as you agree with the people's interpretation of the law I see. Biden has done a considerably better job at trying to contain the covid pandemic than Trump did. For a lot of his bills that are being worked at and he is putting forth the jury is still out because these things don't get done overnight. The infrastructure thing is a good idea but of course his own party fights amongst them selves because Democrats know how to lose- it's what they are good at. Also- trannies are not people with mental illnesses. That's hate filled speech. As far as in the military- I'm not fighting over there so if someone- be it a dude, a chick, or a chick with a - more power to them. When you are in a foxhole and you are fighting and fearing for your life I doubt highly you care the sexual orientation of the person next to you.
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    Why would the Bears be monitoring Carson neck issue?
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    I don't see how this shows moderates winning in any way; the progressive whackjobs won this battle. It's basically the opposite of what you said. Otherwise, good job, good effort.
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    He needs to go on the offensive and claim the gal is actually a dude. BOOM! He'll end up winning some kind of PRIDE award instead of getting fired.
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    Haven't tuned into this in quite a while. Saw the warning and looked it up. So what's up with this? King Louie is lazy and likes jazz music? Poor linguistic skills? He sounds just like any other jungle character in the movie. Is Baloo racist against whites? Warner Bros, similarly, has long had a warning about "ethnic and racial prejudices" in some of its cartoons. "While these cartoons do not represent today's society, they are being presented as they were originally created, because to do otherwise would be the same as claiming these prejudices never existed," the Warner Bros warning says. Well here seems to be the answer. King Louie is an ape and can't speak well although he speaks the same as all the other creatures in the show. He also likes jazz music and is bored in general because, what else is there to do in the jungle? Jungle Book (1968): The character of King Louie, an ape with poor linguistic skills, sings in a Dixieland jazz style and is shown as lazy. The character has been criticized for being a racist caricature of African-Americans.
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    Ironic that you can't locate gps equipment
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    I think Harris will surprise!
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    Finally! 115 yards. 56 degree wedge. One hop, little roll, dropped in. 3 witnesses! One less bucket list item!!!
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    49ers. Just because they like to hoard mediocre rbs almost as much as I do
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    So your big gotcha moment is pointing out that everything was quite chill for the first 3 years of Trump presidency then became bad in the election year when Liberals pushed race baiting buttons, we got locked down, cops were made out to be blood thirsty racist killers. Cops defunded in many big violent liberal cities? Weird, but ok.
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    Relax. I’ll talk to her tonight.
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    Gross, I thought you had a daughter.
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    Vaccinated people can get Covid. Vaccinated people can give Covid to others. Congress is exempt from Covid Vaccine mandates. USPS is exempt from Covid vaccine mandates. Tens of thousands of non vaccinated illegal aliens are being released into the USA. If you want to work you have to get the vaccine but if you collect welfare you don’t. Over 99% of people under 55 are not in danger of dying from Covid. Lawmakers don’t follow their own mandates. Sports attendance, not a super spreader like CDC said Don’t be afraid to see what you see.
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    moving embassy to Jerusalem, like every president had promised border control, illegal immigration was the lowest of the century, remain in mexico policy, none of this fake asylum catch and release garbage unemployment all-time low for blacks, and everyone else funded HBCU's for 45 billion, Biden cut it to 2 bill historic peace agreements in the middle east started no new wars put plans in place for a Afghan withdrawl got NATO allies to pay their fare share withdrew from Paris agreement which Biden went back in so we could bend over to CHINA Had a nation that was entirely energy independent, again stopped by Biden instantly prison reform/pardoning Jack Johnson made animal abuse a federal crime appointed constitutional judges nationwide didn't believe in political correctness nonsense banned trannies from using tax payer money to fund their fetish this is just off the top of my head, and I will tell you I am not a Trump supporter, but the country was far better for everyone
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    Eeesh MentallyDerangedCunt is taking a beating in this thread