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    KSBJr just made the middle school soccer team as a 6th grader yesterday. Kids are resilient as hell. He still's goes out to Duke University for laser treatments on his scarring and see's an Orthopedic Surgeon for semi-annual X-rays to make sure the growth plate isn't closing as he hits his growth spurts. It did two years ago and they had to go in and res-sect the bone bridge. However so far so good all things considering. Anyway carry on.....I'm just a proud dad today.
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    I hope for your sake they came with the man.
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    I really don't care much what former presidents have to say as a rule. So .....meh That being said, Trump was absolutely among the top 2-3 presidents of our lifetime and we need him back in there to unfock everything the Democrats are doing to ruin this nation right now.
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    When exactly did you become such a kunt? I used to like you. You were tough and called things out, but now you're just pathetic.
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    Holy fock, peenie. "We love Asians, we love their food." Focking seriously? I love black people, see I have my black friend here.
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    Media hasn't said anything but he is active there. https://gab.com/REALDONALDTRUMP/
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    This would never happen if we used Old Maid’s vagina as that canal. Sorry, couldn’t resist.
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    So true, he accomplished more during that time than Obammy and Bush did in 16 years.
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    Funny how quickly "gay marriage won't effect you" transformed into lawsuits for not wanting to have a part in gay marriages.
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    Years ago at my old residence, my HOA did not like the flag I was flying either. I, being the diplomat that I am, met them in the middle. I took the flag down and painted my front door in the pattern of said flag.
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    You can dismiss most of what JustinCharge says outright.
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    HT is like a cancer. He goes into remission but he always comes creeping back.
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    You don't have to do any mental gymnastics, your racism is pretty clear...and always has been.
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    I wish I could find an unbiased news source. Asian coverage is always slanted.
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    I got it, and I don't care who gets it and who doesn't. It's a personal choice, and there are arguments both ways. This lod001 guy seems to be psychotic about it, however...
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    These are up to the minute!@ AD -29 KSB -27 Dain -19 Cruz -18 Cloaca -16 Fumble -13 Ed -8 WW Double check my math, I did these in like 2 minutes lol
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    What exactly is the debate here? The Capitol riot was stupid and the .05% that did something wrong there should be charged. The BLM/Antifa riots are stupid and they are ongoing. More casualties. Waaaaay more destruction. Waaaaaaay more people's livelihoods hurt. Did Trump tweet a link to help bailout anyone who was arrested at the Capitol like Kamala Harris did with the other spring/summer/fall/winter riots? Ill hang up and listen.
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    If this doesn't tell you everything you need to know about the Democratic party nothing ever will. Actions > Words
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    I hear there's room in some NY nursing homes
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    Truth. We all lived the Wild West of the internet and this site is one of the last holdouts. I hope it lasts forever. It won't.
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    Neither Biden nor Harris have a history of that… if anything, they got knocked for being too tough on crime by the progressives.
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    I think it is the funniest show ever. Can not even pick a favorite scene there were so many. Favorite episode is probably Denise Handicapped where he finds out that everyone is nice to him for dating a woman in a wheelchair. So many funny things happen in that episode.