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In Topic: Keeper Opinions in a Standard League

Yesterday, 10:35 PM

Thanks gents.

In Topic: Keeper Options - Constantly Scheming

Yesterday, 08:10 PM

I wish we could do trades. Only way I can get Barkley is by giving up Brown as he would be taken with the first pick. Keeping AB is a no brainer, but if Barkley turns out to be a new an improved Zeke or DJ or AP I was just seeing if the sacrifice was worth it. Is it worth the risk I guess is the question once you get down to the meat and potatoes : )

In Topic: Keeper Options - Constantly Scheming

Yesterday, 06:04 PM

Good question. This will be my 2nd year starting with Evans & Brown as my WRs. I can keep them this whole fantasy season along with having them start my season next year. If I dont trade them by the trade deadline of that year then they go back to the draft pool like everyone else.

In Topic: #4 Pick (Full PPR)

05 June 2018 - 09:21 PM

It would be real hard for me to pass on Zeke or DJ, but look at these scenarios. I am in a standard league, but looking up a couple PPR boards this is what I came up with depending on if you go RB or WR route with your first pick.

Big Board 1

Pick 1 - AB
Pick 2 - McCaffery or Freeman
Pick 3 - Evans or Hilton
Pick 4 - McKinnon


Pick 1 - Zeke or DJ
Pick 2 - AJ Green
Pick 3 - McKinnon
Pick 4- Jeffery or Cooper

Big Board 2

Pick 1- AB
Pick 2 - Fournette
Pick 3 - McCaffery or McKinnon
Pick 4 - Cooper or Robinson or JuJu


Pick 1 - DJ or Zeke
Pick 2 - Adams or Evans
Pick 3 - McCaffery or McKinnon or Freeman
Pick 4 - Drake or Landry

I am talking big boards right now as a lot will change Im sure in 3 months. I would take Zeke over DJ as I think the Cowboys have a better team and the threat of Dak running keeps defenses honest. I have DJ as a keeper also so hopefully my thoughts are incorrect, but I try to stay unbiased.

Out of all of those scenarios I like the teams with Zeke or DJ the best. Also a common denominator is I would sell out for McKinnon. I think he is going to be perfect for this format. Hopefully this helps the thinking process from my perspective.

In Topic: Mixon, McKinnon, Drake, Henry - Standard League Rankings

21 May 2018 - 12:31 PM

Thanks for the opinion.  All of the different sites I have looked at have them listed in different order, so I am sure once camp hits everything will level out.  


Mixon - Upgraded line and clear bell-cow status.  Bernard will get his in the passing game, but that has been true for awhile now.  

Henry - I wish he had bell-cow status, but the team wants 2 solid rb's at all times so share the work load.  Deon Lewis is going to hold him back.  

McKinnon - Coach hand selected him to be the lead back, but can he really be a 3 down back?  In Minnesota it didn't seem like it, but their offensive line wasn't that great.

Drake - Looked like he was headed towards bell-cow status and then they pick up Gore and get a good 3 down back out of ASU as a 4th round draft pick.  Upgraded offensive line.  


Mixon is my main target at the moment with AB and Mike Evans as my two keepers.  Hopefully one of the other 4 falls to me in back to back rounds.