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Exotic Scoring & Playoffs, "Weekly Rookie Start" League Needs 5

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Posted 03 September 2007 - 03:01 PM

DRAFT: Wed 8 PM EST, CBSSportsline, $25 buy-in, need 5 more, contact Kelly at kchward@hotmail.com

OVERALL PHILOSOPHY: This is a league for trying out some new strategies and lineups and rewarding rookie breakout seasons. Pay close attention to scoring rules! Nothing tricky, but it may give extra bonuses at the WR and K position than you may be used to in other leagues past. Longer playoffs and a consolation bracket are also featured.

WHO YOU START EACH WEEK: This is an H2H, more exotic scoring, keeper league of 1 player, we start 1 QB/ 2 RB/ 2 WR/ 1 TE + flex WR/TE #3 + mandatory draft and weekly start of a QB/RB/WR/TE rookie, K + D + ST, no injured reserve allowed, LIVE snake draft Wed 9/5, draft order will be random and published via e-mail one hour before draft.

THE DRAFT: Round 1 of the draft will be the "rookie only" draft. As the "normal draft" order is published, it's in reverse order for Round 1. So if your normal draft position published via e-mail is 12 you get to draft first but can only select a rookie QB/RB/WR/TE.

SCORING SYSTEM: Scoring system is more interesting: penalties for crappy D, bonuses for long rushing and passing plays and receiving passes, scaled K scores, rewards for D with lots of sacks, D is based on points allowed AND yards allowed, and there is an ST that scores you points, etc. Every position is capable of negative points (especially K), so understand the scoring. Also, be aware of one scoring opportunity that is not automatic, the game winning FG...commissioner will award 3 extra points (in addition to the kick and any normal bonuses per these scoring rules) for any game won by a FG kicked with either no time left on the clock or time for one kickoff and a return (but no time for an offensive play). Outcomes will be modified with an e-mail by the Commish in the event it affects a win during the week.

COST: $25 buy in and awards via PayPal.


1st Place: $100 and keeper can be Round 3 or higher, lose draft position +4 (so if you're keeping your 5th picked guy you'd replace with your keeper pick #9 the following year) OR guaranteed first pick in supplemental draft the following year.

2nd Place: $50 and keeper can be Round 3 or higher, lose draft position +3 (so if you're keeping your 5th picked guy you'd replace with your keeper pick #8 the following year).

3rd & 4th Place: $25 each, keeper can be Round 3 or higher AND the following year lose the draft position +1 (so if you're keeping your 5th picked guy you'd replace with your keeper pick #6 the following year).

Winner of Losers Bracket wins better keeper selection (Round 3 or higher own team) and replacement of that keeper position pick the following year.

PLAYOFFS: Playoffs start Week 13: 3 division leaders and the wild card (next best record) make it but each "round" is 2 weeks long, thus weeks 13 & 14 are playoff round 1 and 15 & 16 are the final round. For Losers Bracket it's sudden death elimination weeks 13 & 14 with the last two battling it out over week 15 & 16.

KEEPER RULES: For the purposes of keeping track of Rounds, technically Round 1 (the rookie draft round) is not counted against normal draft rule count for the purposes of determining keepers. Thus, Round 1 in the KEEPER RULES is referring to the first round of the "normal draft" portion of the overall draft. Keeper must be a player drafted at the start of the year and kept throughout the year, no waiver wire pickups during the year may be designated as a Keeper! Keeper rules for 1st-4th place and Consolation Bracket winner are outlined above. For everyone else, a keeper is a Round 4 or higher player (own team) AND you replace your keeper with that numbered pick in the following draft or you may choose to enter the supplemental draft determined by who chooses to particpate and based on reverse order of finish (other than 1st pick if winner chooses, worst record gets #2 pick and so on). A team drafting a supplemental draft player gives up no position in the normal draft. Keeper can be held for only 1 year. EXCEPTION: A team that designates it's Rookie as a Keeper can be held for 2 years max. Keepers the previous year are treated as Round 1 & 2 (exempt from supplemetal draft) the following year.

TIE BREAKERS: Team with better Reserve Players scoring wins.

This league is about fun, unique scoring, a twist on the playoffs, new draft strategies, and rewarding rookie talent so adjust your plans and let's have some fun!