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Need new owner for 2012

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#1 iglehart


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Posted 04 November 2011 - 09:10 AM

One of our owner has stated he is done with our league after 2 years. He is frustrated because his team is terrible.
This league is very competative. So if your a rookie owner this league will eat you up.

Please send info for joining to iglehart_todd@yahoo.com
The reason I am asking now is that this is a keeper league and we RESET in 2012. So all the keeper rules are being voted on now and I want all
owners to participate.

Quick info

Money league
All TD's 6 points
Rush/Rec yards 1 point per 10
Pass yards 1 point per 25
All 2 point conversions 2 points
Fumbles lost -3
Int -3

sacks 2 points
Int/Fum 3 points
safety 2 points
Points allowed
0 = 10 points
1-6 = 7 points
7-13 = 4 points
14-20 = 1 point
21-27 = 0 points
28-34 = -1 points
35+ = -4 points

Negative and fraction points on
2 divsions 10 teams
6 playoff teams, 2 division winner and 4 wild cards
division winner get 1st round bye.

Payouts for
Most points
Division winner
Super Bowl winner and loser

Waivers are set at the beginning of the year and only move when a player is gotten from WW.
All players are FA. Only dropped players go on waivers.

Keeper rules now
you get 3 keepers from the round you drafted them
Keeper move up rounds based on voting from the league. Max 3 rounds per year.
Keeper rules are complicated and changing so if you are really interested I can point you to a solid explanation.

Commish has trade veto power, If I am involved in a trade then, major rules for veto, without teams involved.
I have vetoed 1 trade in 10 or so years. I only veto if I think there is a very good chance of collusion.
Even if it looks lopsided I don't veto. I believe the veto power is to stop abuse only.

Most rule suggestion are brought up by teams and voted on the next year. Since its a reset year all rules are up for a vote.
In keeper years I don't change major rules that can effect keepers. I don't think its fair at that point.
As commish, I have the final say. There are a few rule changes that have been brought up that I did not put to a vote.
I feel there needs to be some rules that are there for fair play and I do not allow teams to just vote to change them.
For example, in the past someone wanted a trade veto based on majority. I said no and there was no vote on this.
I feel that just because one side looks to be getting a better deal is not a valid reason to veto a trade and this can happen in a vote.
Veto is used for abuse, collusion only. This is a rare thing, but thats how the league is run. As commish its my job to keep
the league running fair for all owners and if that mean I make a call on something thats what I do.

One last thing, I am thinking of making this a 12 team league, so if we can get 3 owners we will with a vote approval of the other 9 and the 1st new owner.

If anyone has questions email me


#2 iglehart


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Posted 16 November 2011 - 09:28 AM

SO we have our 10th owner. We have one on the waiting list. If we get 1 or 2 more we will expand to 12 teams after a vote, so if anyone is interested let me know asap.