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In Topic: Cutler or Rivers

07 September 2012 - 02:14 AM

Cutler vs Ind
Rivers @Oak


Here's the deal breaker in my opinion. How many points will the Bears be ahead in this game? If the rookie Luck and the Colts struggle, which is highly likely against a defense like the Bears, Jay Cutler won't have to throw the ball if the Bears are up 14+ in the second half. The defense will just eat Luck alive until he finally calls it a day.

Rivers is going up against the 30th ranked pass defense last season in the Oakland Raiders. I've mentioned it before, and I will do it again....The ENTIRE secondary for the Raiders is new....all 6 starters were not on the roster last season. I also have Robert Meachem on my featured start 'em, sit 'em list: One Man's Opinion Week 1

Hope this helps.

You can also find my season long thread right here: http://www.fftodayfo...howtopic=392617

Ask me anything you may come across and good luck this season.

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06 September 2012 - 11:37 PM

Quite a list indeed. Thanks for the reply, Iggy!

No problem, anytime. Good luck this season!

In Topic: WHich WR to start Week 1

06 September 2012 - 06:40 PM

OK so this is for a standard league do I start S.Johnson vs Jets going up against Reevis or rookie Kendall Wright vs PAtriots??

WHat you guys think??

You can ask in my thread throughout the season, but for now.....You should never sit a seasoned player over a rookie in week 1. Kendall is a nice play, but if Johnson is the other option, you have to go Steve. Revis Island has had problems with Johnson in the past. He will be targeted often.

In Topic: Need Lineup Help? Ask Here!

06 September 2012 - 06:37 PM

Pick 1 Flex there, Iggy man. Thanks

Rashad Jennings
Steven Ridley
Kevin Smith
Justin Blackmon

Quite a list of options here to choose from. Jennings will start, but the Jaguars will be forced to throw the ball because they will be losing this game. Ridley is intriguing, I'm starting him in one of my leagues. Kevin Smith won't get you chunks of yardage, but he should steal a touchdown on Sunday. DHB could see some targets as I suspect the Raiders will be losing as well and playing from behind. The raiders ENTIRE secondary is NEW this season....something to put into prespective. Amendola is a nice sleeper pick, but not sure you can trust him yet. They will be playing from behind as well though.....Blackmon is a freakish athlete, but he's a rookie and starting rookies in week 1 is a big gamble.

All this said....Ridley, Kevin Smith, and DHB are your best options. I'd say Ridley. Hope this helps, good luck!

In Topic: Need Lineup Help? Ask Here!

06 September 2012 - 06:32 PM

I need to start two of:

Maclin @ Cleveland
Colston v. Washington
Torrey Smith v. Cincy

As a side note, my opponent is playing Flacco.  Thanks!

I have Torrey on the featured start 'em list this week so obviously him. Colston did not practice and is questionable for Sunday. Monitor his situation, but for now, I would implant Maclin and Smith into your lineup.