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In Topic: Rumor: New York looking to trade up in the first round

19 April 2012 - 03:40 PM

I am a Giants fan.. but you are on crack!

RB is a need.. but no way Reese mortgages the draft for one guy, we went 9-7 last season(due to injury) so we need depth all over the place, which means keeping our picks and using them intelligently.

Replacing Jacobs is a need.. but we have a couple of prospects on our team and can pick up a couple of guys on the cheap. Perhaps Benson on a 2 year deal once he still finds himself unemployed after the draft.

In Topic: Raiders to release Boss

14 March 2012 - 11:55 AM

the TE problem is that there top two options are question marks for the start of the season.. sounds like a problem to me :banana:

Looks like they favor Bennett over Boss, if that doesn't work out(too much $$) I'm good with boss for a small 2yr contract.

We just need someone credible at that position, and both Boss/Ballard give us that.. would be nice if we had a Gronk type player but the way that Offense is run the WR's are the real threats.


In Topic: Dallas, Washington stripped of cap space

12 March 2012 - 11:29 PM

you have to realize.. the whole NFL is a gentlemen's agreement.

And those guys get royally ticked if you screw them over, so this is revenge.

Expect this to stick, and even if it doesn't.. the fact is that by announcing the day before the FA period they won't have any recourse so they will miss out on players who won't want to take a chance with their contracts not approved.

In Topic: Random news to throw out there

16 February 2012 - 04:00 PM

NFL.com reporting on potential cap casualties.. Lee Evans is very likely a goner in Baltimore since he basically did nothing there except for the biggest drop in Ravens history.

He could be a cheap pickup, possibly for the Giants in a 2 year deal. He's got speed and some talent and would do fine as a WR3 after Manningham goes in Free Agency. Would give him some time to rehab his confidence and contribute on a talented team.

As for pass-catchers, the Ravens are very unlikely to pick up Lee Evans' $1 million roster bonus. He gave them nothing after the trade with Buffalo and he couldn't finish a catch in the AFC Championship Game that would have sent Baltimore to the Super Bowl.


In Topic: Let's Go Giants! Let's Go Giants! Let's Go Giants!

06 February 2012 - 02:17 AM

I can't sleep. Great game, great finish(although I wish Bradshaw had sat down at the 1.. gave me a heart attack having to watch that Hail Mary).

I truly believe the Giants would've been in the 'bowl in 2008 had Plax not shot our season away(we just didn't have the WR depth to recover). So, as I lie in bed my mind turns to what we need to do to repeat next season.


RB - Time for Jacobs to go? I think so, unless he gives a huge discount on the contract. So, we need a power back to complement Bradshaw.. also, need to see how much more his legs can take, I think he'll retire young but has 2 - 3 more years.

WR - Spectacular season by Cruz, he's only gonna get better when he has a full training camp to work on his craft and Nicks is still developing into his full potential. Having said that, still think we need to find a replacement for Manningham.. the amazing catch tonight aside, he's too sloppy with his routes(see OOB catch tonight) and has a relatively lower ceiling than the other two. If we can find another true talent at that spot, it's gonna get scary. Also, need to keep the wheel turning on the developmental side to help in case of injuries.

O-Line - We need to draft a lineman in the first round and hope Beatty returns healthy, maybe even get someone in free agency. Have to focus on why the run was so poor this year and fix that. Depth at O-line is essential.

Tight End - Beckum was a disappointment this season, and with his ACL.. time to move on. Perhaps draft one or free agency(I don't expect any big names to be available)? Ballard has potential and we need to see how high he can get in mini/training camp, Pascoe's a good third tight end.

Misc. - Hynoski, a pass catching FB.. f yea! Need to make sure his contract is sewn up.
            Put a hard cap in Gilbride's contract on how many draw plays he can run in a game, start docking $10k for each over. $100k for doing it on 2nd and long after a run that was stuffed.


D-Line - Osi? He had impact this year and deserves a pay bump, if he's willing to add 2 years to his current deal for a 3 year total(effective.. it can be a 10 year bs contract length) then we should do it. He's had way too many injuries over the last two years. The rest of the line is solid and we can stand pat, maybe a raw prospect at DT/DE.

LB - Draft a LB in the 2nd round, also see Free Agency to see if there's good value available depending on how the rookies from this year appear in mini/training camps.

Corner - Ross is a better 3rd corner than a #2, can't remember if his contract is up.. if he asks for premier money let him walk and see what FA/Draft provides. Need to see what Terrell Thomas has after his knee injury return, 1 year contract with performance bonus' for him and a draft pick to develop?

Safety - Rolle/Philips are decent.. Grant is showing his age, perhaps pick up another veteran coming off his peak to replace Grant? Philips lost a step after his knee surgery but is still good and Rolle will start showing his age soon. Need a developmental prospect, perhaps Chad Jones makes his miraculous comeback from that horrible accident?

Misc. - Don't cut Chase Blackburn.. duh.
            Perry Fewell - he's no Spags, but he's not chopped liver either.. see if there's anything to be done to extend his contract for another season or two.