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  1. bscheibs

    It sucks that Peyton is useless

    Waaambulance. Fantastic.
  2. bscheibs

    Playing Starks over Lacy, stupid or genius?

    So start him. Nobody knows.
  3. bscheibs

    So it's comedown to this Eddie lacy!

    I wish someone would start another Lacy thread.
  4. bscheibs

    Playing Starks over Lacy, stupid or genius?

    Agree w previous posters. Avoid both.
  5. bscheibs

    The Flash Gordon Conundrum

    I just don't see how Gordon can go 3 weeks in the NFL wo a TD. I'm starting him. (But my other options aren't awesome)
  6. bscheibs

    ODB or Dez this week for Fanduel ?

    Sigh. I have Dez. Opponent has Bekham. Pains me to say it. ODB.
  7. No add drops in my league once the playoffs start unless you can't field a starting lineup w probable or better status.
  8. I've got Lacy. Opponent has Julio. Even Steven. Ok, maybe a little better for me.
  9. Smells way too much like Roddy during the first half of last year. And that was no good for anyone- except Harry Douglas owners.
  10. bscheibs

    fat eddie's injured

    I'm warning you with peace and love but I am too busy to worry about Lacy starting. I have too much to do. Effective Sunday Dec 14th I will no longer be starting Lacy. I simply have too much to do. Thank you. Thank you. Anyway, peace and love. Peace and love.
  11. bscheibs

    Who is starting Julius?

    Starting Reed over JT
  12. bscheibs

    Start Cam or Flacco. Will answer yours

    Cam but not by much
  13. bscheibs

    Flex Help

  14. bscheibs

    Need an upside play

    PPR. Vereen
  15. bscheibs

    Just Traded for Cam

    One more cruddy start and I'm cutting him.