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  1. Dashow28

    FU Thanksgiving week 12

    Alshon Jeffery Greg Olsen Elijah McGuire All 3 of them can eat a big bowl of d1cks.
  2. Dashow28

    Doug Martin tonight?

    Figures, I cant get a break this year.
  3. Dashow28

    Cooper Kupp carted off

    Hes in!
  4. Dashow28

    Matt Nagy

    Especially against Brock friggen Osweiller.
  5. Dashow28


    Im holding 2 kickers as well. Young GZ and Dan Bailey. If there was a big pressing move that needed to be done, I guess Id drop GZ. But Id rather keep him. Hes the best kicker in the league, imo, by far.
  6. Im hoping Dan Bailey can get more then a zero.
  7. Brandon Bolden still with the team? I wouldnt be surprised if he somehow started.
  8. Dashow28

    Finding new ways to lose

    Ive gotten pretty lucky to win the last 2 weeks. Had Legatron get hurt in warm ups last week. So I pick up Dan Bailey this week. Yea...
  9. I think a lot of people are liking that hes brought life to the offense. With Tyrod it was just dull.
  10. As an owner of Calloway...put in Baker!
  11. Calloway burned the hell outta Johnson. Good job Tyrod, way to underthrow an easy Td and then blame the WR.
  12. Dashow28

    So I landed pick #1 in a PPR...

    To be honest, it wasnt about boasting about being right, it was more of just the concern about his situation. Seemed everybody was all gung-ho about DJ but maybe didnt factor in all the changes? With that said, is he a buy low opportunity or do we think this struggle continues?
  13. Dashow28

    So I landed pick #1 in a PPR...

    I was more pointing out the David Johnson stuff. I was worried about a new coach/scheme/roster lacking talent and its looking like I was right to worry.