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  1. I LOVE my auction league. 12 teams PPR, $275 budget. We have an auctioneer and he keeps a big board of rosters players taken and teams remaining funds. With drinking and stopping for food it takes about 4-5 hours. We also keep one player per year for only one year. He has to have been won and "drafted at the auction and gets a 20% raise. We go in "draft order" and each team calls out a name. So the auctioneer says ok team A name a player team B get ready your next. Auctions go pretty quick Some people start at a dollar. I am the guy who doesn't play games. Antonio Brown was the most expensive player for $92 last year. Some starts at $5 and I'll bump to $50 to keep the speed going.
  2. windycityguy

    What's your favorite thing about your league?

    Live Auction league. I love it more then anything I have ever done in FF. We have pay outs per win, division win, highest scorer and every round you make the playoffs. Not a lot but you can make money if you have a good season even if you don't win. We keep one player over for one year only with a 20% raise. We also run a playoff challenge at the end of the year we pay out on. Winner takes all. You have to keep one player from your team and they drat from all available players in the playoffs. Makes for a really fun NFL playoff.
  3. Can they legally be forced to stand? If they have free speech then they don't have to so it correct? Regardless if the players have to abide by the collective bargaining agreements so does the NFL.
  4. windycityguy

    Pit bulls: loaded weapon or misunderstood?

    Most people are Aholes. So most pitbull owners are Aholes. They are a loaded gun. They are super dangerous and while a lot of dogs will bite when not trained properly, pitbulls will eat your face. Never read a story about how someone turned their back for a few and the wiener dog killed the baby.
  5. windycityguy

    White House Disinvites SB Champs

    I still don't understand how Eric Cartman became president.
  6. So the argument goes "It's private business they can do what they want" So NFL rules you can't kneel at work no freedom of speech allowed. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/packers-fan-lawsuit-against-bears-005333433.html This points out that while it's a private business some stadiums are publicly owned or financed. Interesting read. It would be kind of funny if the NFL owners are screwed by the stadiums they didn't want to pay for.
  7. windycityguy

    20 yr old suing Walmart and Dicks for discrimination

    Right. It pisses me off that I have to sell to people at my pastry shop that I don't want to. Like those dumb ass people that walk around with dirt on their forehead on ash Wednesdays. Or those annoying Christians all dressed up on Sundays. Get a life! Don't get me started on the GD jews and the bagels. Go some where else and leave me alone.
  8. windycityguy

    No Stormy Daniels thread?

    He is the biggest family man to ever sit in the oval office. No one else ever said they'd bang their daughter.
  9. I was 7 when i figured out there was no Santa and Church was a scam
  10. windycityguy

    Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers agree on 5-year deal

    I just don't understand how you sign him to this type of a contract. I mean couldn't you offer to make him the 2nd highest paid QB ever? Is he going to turn it down?
  11. windycityguy

    2017 dynasty rookie draft

    Hey Vern......... LOL What team is yours?
  12. windycityguy

    2017 dynasty rookie draft

    That owner is one that goes outside the box all the time. And it's a 16 team league he doesn't have a second and needs WR. He is always very competitive.
  13. windycityguy

    2017 dynasty rookie draft

    my 16 team ppr draft 1.01 1. Green Machine Davis, Corey TEN WR ® Sun May 28 3:01:55 p.m. CT 2017 Pick Skipped By Commissioner Pick Skipped By Commissioner 1.02 2. RoadKill Fournette, Leonard JAC RB ® Sun May 28 3:44:22 p.m. CT 2017 Pick traded from me so horny.Me so HORNY. me love you long time. fifteen dollars. . 1.03 3. Frozen Tundra McCaffrey, Christian CAR RB ® Sun May 28 5:15:58 p.m. CT 2017 1.04 4. Skeletons Mixon, Joe CIN RB ® Sun May 28 6:45:29 p.m. CT 2017 1.05 5. RoadKill Cook, Dalvin MIN RB ® Sun May 28 7:21:38 p.m. CT 2017 1.06 6. Skeletons Williams, Mike LAC WR ® Sun May 28 7:41:33 p.m. CT 2017 1.07 7. Do We Start TE's in This League? Howard, O.J. TBB TE ® Sun May 28 8:41:40 p.m. CT 2017 Pick traded from Gronk's Party Ship. 1.08 8. Do We Start TE's in This League? Kamara, Alvin NOS RB ® Sun May 28 8:52:27 p.m. CT 2017 1.09 9. Dak Attack Perine, Samaje WAS RB ® Sun May 28 9:09:12 p.m. CT 2017 1.10 10. Victorious Secret Ross, John CIN WR ® Sun May 28 9:50:51 p.m. CT 2017 Pick traded from QB Hoarder. 1.11 11. Dak Attack Watson, Deshaun HOU QB ® Sun May 28 9:53:04 p.m. CT 2017 Pick traded from Discord In the Salad Bar Line . Pick traded from Gronk's Party Ship. Collect Texas QB's 1.12 12. Whoopass Jones, Zay BUF WR ® Mon May 29 8:37:20 a.m. CT 2017 1.13 13. RoadKill Samuel, Curtis CAR WR ®
  14. windycityguy

    Auction keeper

    We keep 1 player from last years draft one year for 20% raise. $315 buy in tons of pay outs. $100 FA blind bid. Real FS money. Can draft local in Huntley, IL. We have two that skype draft every year from Costa Rica and Pittsburg. Email me for details. Saturday 8/27 draft 10am central Djwever@sbcglobal.net