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  1. Spinner

    Fantasy Football isn't all luck they say?

    On the other hand, you seem to have been fairly skillful and/or lucky in gathering a good roster; consider it a consolation; you'll be back My problem is, the bad beats hurt worse than the close wins feel good.
  2. Anybody know what happened to him? Just a bad game?
  3. Spinner

    Any news on Mixon?

    Any news on Mixon?
  4. Spinner

    Marquis Goodwin?

    I see no projections for him...is he out?...game time-decision?
  5. Spinner

    Le’Veon Bell - The hold out continues!

    Even if his "strategy" works, seems like NFL owners these days are quick to sour on such players' actions; many teams my go "hands-off".
  6. Spinner

    Dalvin Cook or Mel Gordon?

    I you had the pick, which one? non-ppr
  7. Spinner

    Malcolm Mitchell?

    I saw a crawler last night on NFL channel saying NE was looking for a "trade partner" for him...also that he had a foot procedure yesterday morning. Anybody know what all this means?
  8. Spinner

    Mike Evans

    He's better with Fitzpatrick.
  9. Spinner

    Garrett has learned nothing.

    Garrett is good for one or two losses every year. His minimum allotment being made today so early in the year, we can expect another one or two. But being Jerry's most prized puppet of all time, Garrett won't be leaving.
  10. Spinner

    The worst luck! Now 1-6-1, scoring crazy points!

    Four of your losses may be due to not having Bell for four weeks...that's a draft miscue. Not having Big Ben is not a matchup problem...just an injury problem that everyone has to deal with. I'd be more impressed with your team if it were a 14 team league...12 league? Not so much.
  11. Low yardage...I didn't see the game or any recap...was he injured or what? Is he a good go tomorrow night at GB? Thanks
  12. I didn't see the game but how did Fleener only have 6 yards...2 receivers had 280 but Fleener a no-show?
  13. Spinner

    Rate my Draft

    Thanks, fellas. Yeah...Palmer pick was bad...but if you saw what was left on the later picks, you might have eased up on me. But this was my first draft this year...I'll learn from it. spinner
  14. Spinner

    Rate my Draft

    10 team standard...drafted @ 2 position Gurley Rawls B Marshall Amari Cooper Sammy Watkins Carson Palmer Arian Foster Eli Manning Gary Barnidge Jimmy Graham Derrick Henry Buffalo Bills Graham Gano Marcus Mariota Travis Benjamin Devontae Booker Thx