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  1. willing to make the following deal for the right owners. $75 for 2012 and 2013 season, full price starting 2014 but you must be willing to pay the 2012 and 2013 fee($150)by the june 1st league fee due date. this way I know I have an owner for 2 years
  2. 3 openings 10 team league start 1-QB, 2-RBs, 3-WR/TEs, 1-flex, 1-K 1/PT 20 yards passing 1/PT 10 yards rush and rec all TDs 6 PTs PPR $150 league fee due on June 1st email me if interested in any of the teams nolefan9399@comcast.net link to rosters http://football14.myfantasyleague.com/2011/options?L=42449&O=07 open teams are team 5, 8 and 9 rookie picks team 5- 3.04 team 8- 1.06 team 9- 2.10, 2.05, 2.04, 2.05, 2.01
  3. willing to do this no charge for the 2011 season, only 55.84 for the 2012 season but the new owner will have to pay the 2012 season now. this way I know we got an owner for 2 years
  4. 3rd year league 12 teams $105.84 league fee, since this team is in total rebuild I willing to work out a deal for right owner that wants to be in the league for the long haul email me if interested nolefan9399@comcast.net link to site http://www14.myfanta...11/home/41213#0 start 1-QB, 2-RBs, 2-WRs, 2-flex,1-TE 1-K, no DEF scoring 1/PT 20 yards passing 1/PT 10 yards rush and rec all TDs 6 PTs no PPR this team has no 2011 draft picks. all of its 2012 picks roster QBs Garrard, D Young, V RBs Dwyer, J Gerhart, T Hart, M Jones, T Norwood, J Snelling, J Tomlinson, L Williams, C WRs Crayton, P Cribbs, J Floyd, M Gaffney, J Henderson, D McCluster, D Shipley, J Smith, S TEs Hernandez, A Lewis, M Witten, J K Succop, R
  5. this is a rebuild team. I am willing to negotiate the the fee which is $150. this team has two 3rd round picks in 2011 10 team league in its 13th year. 22 player roster link to site http://www14.myfantasyleague.com/2010/home/40133#0 start 1-QB 2- RBs 3-WR/TEs 1-flex 1-k decimal scoring .1/PT for every rush and rec yard .05/PT for every passing yard all TDs 6 PTs QBs Garrard, D Hill, S Kitna, J Manning, E Stafford, M RBs Mathews, R Morris, M Portis, C Scott, B Sproles, D Williams, C williams D(car) WRs Austin, M Branch, D Breaston, S Burleson, N Doucet, E Obomanu, B Sanders, E Sims-Walker, M Smith, S (NYG) Williams, M (seahawks)
  6. nolefan

    set my line up

  7. nolefan

    set my line up

    all TDs 6 PTs 1PT 10 yard rush and rec 1PT 20 yards pass pick 1 QB Orton vs Ari Flaco vs Hou pick 2 RBs, 3 Wrs and 1 flex from these players RBs sjax vs NOS stewart vs atl bradshaw vs min blout vs wash WR/TE(are same position) S Johnson(buf) vs Cle Bowe vs SD wayne vs tenn gates bs KC thinking about going with flaco blount sjax stewart bowe gates(if healthy) wayne
  8. willing to negotiate price for a dedicated owner
  9. 10 team league gong into its 13th year- most owners are from FBG 22 player roster with 2 IR spots start- 1-QB, 2-RBs, 3-WR/TEs, 1-flex- 1-K no DEF and TE is part of the WR position league fee is $150 due ASAP, paypal preferred payment method emaime if interested nolefan9399@comcast.net link to site http://football14.myfantasyleague.com/2010/home/40133#0 2011 rookie picks- two 1st round picks and one 3rd round pick roster QBs Clausen, J Orton, K Palmer, C Rivers, P RBs Bush, R Davis, J Hardesty, M Jones, F Portis, C Slaton, S WR/TEs Bennett, E Gonzalez, A Hester, D Jackson, V Kelly, M Maclin, J Manningham, M Moore, L Price, T Robinson, L Stroughter, S K Tynes, L