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  1. BigTexas

    D. Byrd?

    Starting him over C. Coleman for WR4. Weather in Chicago was the tipping point for me. Championship game, god help me.
  2. BigTexas

    Cooks or Gordon? Chiefs or Steelers?

    Gordon for the targets.
  3. Championship game. Lost D. Jackson, 14 team league with 4 WRs. Could wait on A. Cooper on Monday, ew.
  4. Gates looks old, tired. Do they even have any other TE's, and will they use them over Gates or will he be near every down usage?
  5. For superbowl. Lost other WR3's to injury, wire is bare in this 14-team, 4 WR+1TE league. Cole and Mickens are gone, Juju long gone. This is the best that I see. Thoughts? TIA
  6. BigTexas

    Cooper, Kupp or D. Jackson

    Non-PPR. Sinking Raider vs Woods-less Ram vs scoring only fluky short TDs Buc WHIR
  7. BigTexas

    Zeke in Week 3

    Who is the backup to Elliot - always-inactive McFadden or active special teamer Morris?
  8. Bradford-less Theilen or Jordan Reed replacement starter V. Davis in flex. Have to drop Eifert or J Charles to pick up Davis, if that matters. Thanks.
  9. don't own hyde, hence the risk.
  10. Depends on how likely Hyde is to play and how you feel Harris will do against ARZ. Backup plan would be C. Beasley in for Harris if Hyde is declared active beyond Thursday. Maybe Beasley is the better play anyway over Coleman.
  11. BigTexas

    Hightower, Ingram

    What to infer from today's usage and outputs?
  12. BigTexas

    D. Harris, T. Hightower, Q. Enunwa pick two

    Yeah, this article from this morning makes me think Hightower isn't nearly the better play FF pundits say he is. Still undecided. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/saints-mark-ingram-wont-see-every-down-duties-in-week-9-vs-49ers/
  13. BigTexas

    D. Harris, T. Hightower, Q. Enunwa pick two

    Wonder how much a Davis and Draugh will be involved though.