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  1. Melissa Stark

    Steelers Nation

    DeAngelo Williams was a good signing(2yrs), to fill in for Bell and will give needed depth and versatility. Locking in Big Ben for his career, good move, who else is really out there now that would be any better?
  2. Melissa Stark

    Mike Wallace to the Vikings, Greg Jennings released

    The Steelers dumped him for a reason....see Plexico Burress.
  3. Melissa Stark

    Steelers Nation

    Looks like OLB Jason Worilds is going to be gone. Steelers seem to be hoping Troy Polamalu retires, if not, likely will be cut in June and save $6 mil minus $2.5 mil dead money. Ike Taylor is also gone. I would have liked toe resign Worilds but his price tag is going to be $6 to $8 mil range minimum. Maybe bring back James Harrison for 1 more year if needed? Cb, Brice McCain may not get resigned either. Looks like the Steelers will have to address the Rb position with the impending suspension of Le'Veon Bell. Cb looks like the primary need via FA and the draft.
  4. Melissa Stark

    Steelers Nation

    Good break down Law...not much else to add. Hopefully the front 7 make the secondary effective enough.
  5. Melissa Stark

    Steelers Nation

    I don't mind the Tuitt pick... Keisel is ready to retire,even if they bring him back for a year. I agree with you Law. Supposed to be the fastest kid in the draft and they are hyping him to be like Sproles. Hopefully get a Cb next.. See how these guys pan out.
  6. Melissa Stark

    Steelers Nation

    I can't believe they didn't take Dennard..wow Would have liked Fuller-Cb but Bears grabbed him right before us. Tomlin also stated other day that bringing back Keisel is still an option and from Keisel's posts on facebook, seems likely to happen.
  7. Melissa Stark

    Your teams record this year? (prediction)

    Was leaning 9-7 but with their FA moves gonna go 10-6.
  8. Melissa Stark

    Steelers Nation

    Larod Stephens-Howling is coming off an ACL injury. See how that comes along. The Vikes actually inquired about him. http://www.dailynorseman.com/2014/3/23/5539482/vikings-have-inquired-about-larod-stephens-howling
  9. Melissa Stark

    Panther WRs

    Looks like the Panthers are going to bring in Jason Avant on Monday. Guess they are going to just plug in some players this year with the tight cap space.
  10. Melissa Stark

    ++ UPDATE - DeSean Jackson signed by Redskins

    It shall be interesting to see how he fits in with the Skins and if he changes his attitude as describe by the Iggles. With this signing and Clark. I think they are about $1mil shy of the cap. Clark should bring immediate leadership for that defense and mentoring the younger secondary guys. Lost a few steps though.
  11. Melissa Stark

    Steelers Nation

    I like DHB. Been seeing a lot of people bash him on the Steelers site on FB. Not sure what happened to his hands with the Colts. I have to agree with you Murf. Tall and fast and wasn't bad with the Raiders. See if the Steelers can re-ignite him. McCain signing...meh Not sure what they are thinking . He isn't very good and probably could do better with a draft pick for the extra depth at CB. It's only a 1 year deal, so not to worried about it.
  12. Melissa Stark

    Steelers Nation

    Darius Heyward-Bey is now wearing the black and gold. More Wr depth. Should be decent on special teams as returner. Busiest FA that I can recall for the Steelers.
  13. Melissa Stark

    Ray Rice indicted on aggravated assault charge

    Depending on his prior record(if any), he may end up on the ARD program and have his record expunged.
  14. Melissa Stark

    Steelers Nation

    I like the Blount pick myself. Much needed depth and should be a decent goalline and short yardage back.
  15. Melissa Stark

    Steelers Nation

    Lance Moore is now a Steeler and he should fill in nicely in the slot. LeGarrette Blount is supposedly visiting this coming Sunday.