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  1. Dsausage

    Antonio Brown walked to locker room

    Yea man 5 years in a row 100 plus catches and he goes down in the semis. Sucks. Hope hes ok. Smh
  2. Who else's season just came to screetching halt in semis!?
  3. Dsausage

    One more Zeke thread, ruling tonight

    About time? Nothing was proven. This suspension is ridiculious and an abuse of power. Taking away a mans right to earn based off the hearsay of some hooker.
  4. Dsausage

    Alfred Morris value

    Where does FFTD rank this dude with Zeke out? Is he a starter? Better to find someone else?
  5. Dsausage

    Jordan Reed

    Cost me hundreds- maybe a couple thousand in a Fanduel league where I had Wilson, Fuller and a bunch of other top performers. He is terrible.
  6. Dsausage

    Week 3 waiver targets

    Why is no one talking about Gerald Everett? Guy is a stud.
  7. With Gronk, Graham and Olsen going down, Eifert struggling and injury prone and Jordan Reed most likely out soon, there is a major void at the tight end position. Having a guy like Kelce week in and out going forward will be a major advantage. I may adjust draft strategy next year. In other news Gerald Everett looks really good. I am going to pay through nose to get him this week
  8. Dsausage

    Kizer not playing?

    Pulled vagina or a behavioral issue the team is not disclosing.
  9. Dsausage

    Carson Looks like the lead back

    They both suck
  10. Dsausage

    Is there anyone worth owning on the Seahawks?

    Seahawks scored 15 points total in their first two games last year. I am targeting Wilson this week. Baldwin as well.
  11. Dsausage

    Zeke now likely to play this season

    As a Zeke owner I want to say fock you to him this week. I thought I got a steal at 17. Lol. I am going to hang on to him though. 😉
  12. Dsausage

    Sell AJ Green?

    No. They will get it together. He and Eifert will have some week winning huge games. Value at an all time low right now.
  13. Dsausage

    My outside the box call of the year- whats yours?

    I was thinking either J Hill or Gio gets traded to either the cards or Gmen. Too many rb mouths to feed in cincy, Mixon is the best back there and both Gmen and AZ could use a real feature back now.
  14. Dsausage

    Giants Offense/Marshall

    Marshall will be getting single coverage all year when OBJ on the field. I still like Marshall and think its funny how people write someone off after one bad game or bet the farm on a guy who has one good game. Patience. Stewart is garbage.