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  1. Should I pick up Lamar Jackson or continue to start Dak Prescott
  2. Have to start 2: Joe Mixon Spencer Ware Lamar Miller Chris Carson Please Help
  3. yanks_44

    Start Gordon or Golloday

    Should I start Josh Gordon or Kenny Golladay
  4. Need to pick 2 Chris Carson Lamar Miller Joe Mixon Please Heelp
  5. yanks_44

    Need WR help

  6. Please Help Start Dak Prescott or Carson Wentz
  7. yanks_44

    Defense Bears or Cowboys

    Should I start Bears or Cowboys
  8. Start one Josh Gordon or Isaiah Crowell - which one
  9. yanks_44

    QB Help Dax or Cam

    Who should I start Dax against the Giant defense or Cam against a good Minnesota defense
  10. I just picked up Marcus Miriota should I play him above Dak or Cam
  11. Need to start 2 Deshaun Jackson Funchess Ameri Cooper
  12. yanks_44

    QB Prescott or Cam

    Should I start Dak Prescott or Cam Newton. Leaning towards Cam as Dak has not been going without Zeke.
  13. yanks_44

    FU Thread - Week 14 Edition

    FU Seattle Defense and Russell Wilson. Team that has no secondary make them look that good is a disgrace. Seattle supposed to be a good defense. LOL
  14. yanks_44

    Wilson or Rivers

    Wilson in the snow or Rivers in Carolina
  15. yanks_44

    TE Opinion Request - D.Walker vs C.Brate

    I think Brate. Winston should have a big game and Brate should get a lot of his passes