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  1. Dunger

    Golladay or Locket in ppr?

  2. Dunger

    WR2 1/2 point PPR

  3. before you say it, I'm in a 20 team league, best value on ww is Higgens, martavis Bryant or T jones in det. So with Dez out, think Saints will sign Brandon Marshall? If so, what would be his value? Better then any I mentioned?
  4. Dunger

    How did FF leagues work before the internet?

    in 96 or 97, I was made commish of a long standing league, cause I had software and a service that let me download a stats file via modem. Would download the file and import via modem. We had 2 waiver dates in the season, we would all meet up just like a live draft to put in it waiver claims. Otherwise, you had to call me by noon on Sunday to set your lineups
  5. Dunger

    Is Zuerlein back this week?

    Being reported he is out
  6. engram shouldn't be on waivers, get him quick
  7. Dunger

    Fournette. What a PIA this guy is

    I just traded Emmanuel Sanders and Duke Johnson for him and Jimmy Graham. Sanders was my 3 or 4th wr
  8. Dunger

    Edelman owners -- start or wait?

    I would go with Edelman, especially if ppr
  9. Dunger

    Edelman owners -- start or wait?

    start Edelman over Sanders or Landry in a ppr?
  10. Dunger

    Edelman owners -- start or wait?

    In a ppr league I have to start 2 out of Edelman Sanders and Landry....been debating this for a day not sure who to go with
  11. Dunger

    How is Bell IR-able?

    yahoo rules state that anyone list on ir pup or out can be put on ir. they need to change his status to na or doubtful
  12. Dunger

    Yeldon or Lindsey

    both are on ww, who do you think is more valuable?
  13. Dunger

    How is Bell IR-able?

    can put him on ir in yahoo too
  14. Dunger

    ROS: Keelan Cole vs. Will Fuller

    I drafted both in some leagues, rather have Fuller for higher upside
  15. Drafting in a league tonight ath has pt per 10 rush, 15 rec, 20 Return yards. Should I move up guys like lockett, grant? Who else for RB or WR that are great at return yards