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  1. The Brain

    ***Week 1 Survivor Picks***

    Agreed it is atough week to pick. I was thinking Washington over Miami. I don't think Miami has anything going offensively at this point and with all the issues with players (and players leaving) they won't have it together game by game one. It's at Washington, who has both RBs on the field and Campbell > Brune
  2. The Brain

    Randy Moss projections?

    I don't see him breaking 1000 yds but 10 tds is reasonable. The Eagles also spread the ball around alot and then got TO, BANG 14tds. It isn't a matter of locking in, but his ability to make a catch with defenders on him (or blowing by them). Stallworth will draw coverage also, Welker is a joke. In addition they need to worry about the run. It is a good situation all around for NE.
  3. The Brain

    As big of a ###### as Rosenhaus is....

    NOT a Skin homer, don't know if these are the renogiated numbers... 2011 8754000.00 2008 5048500.00 2009 6627000.00 2010 7690500.00 2005 455000.00 2006 585000.00 2007 595000.00 2002 225000.00 2003 300000.00 2004 380000.00
  4. The Brain

    Week 1 Sleepers

    I'll throw out Grossman vs GB.
  5. The Brain

    Vince Young: The NFL's next Andre Ware

    Randall was drafted in the 2nd round with .500 record If Young turns out as good as Cunningham he is no slouch. If he turns out to be Vick or worse then it was a wasted pick. We won't know for a few years which direction he goes.
  6. The Brain

    jerry's porter definitely wants out of oaktown

    What as opposed to Pinky and Thrash? Reid philosiphy is WR are easily replaced.
  7. The Brain

    Eagles Fans/Owens

    Couldn't have said it better myself. And the more I hear McNabb talk the more I think whiny b*tch. But again that could just be the media hype.
  8. The Brain

    What is the best scoring method for FF?

    It doesn't matter really, it is a preference. Draft accordingly. I am in 3 different leagues and have different rankings for each one.
  9. The Brain

    Thomas Jones

    Wonderful, he signed on with that headache DR
  10. The Brain

    A little math.

    I think it is more FF related but with the examples posted it is also more realisitic (plug in 1 for 7 and 8 OR the 5 for a late first and a early third). what ever math equation was used seems more realisitc to to what teams really do.
  11. The Brain

    A little math.

    http://www.footballguys.com/pickvalue.htm Football guys already made a program to do it. And it doesn't match up with your calcualtions (no offense intended).
  12. The Brain

    Not Relevant

    OH YEAH!!!! I set 4 records, WO WO WO WO!!!
  13. The Brain

    Runyan re-signs

    Runyan commented on 610 that he didn't want to move his family again and wanted to stay in teh Philly area. (prior to even talking to NYJ)
  14. The Brain

    Opinions on TO

    Work ethic, physical abilities and motivation on the field he is the best WR in the game. One of the best players on the field on Sunday (or Thursday or Monday). The problem is there are 6 other days in the week. Eagle fan here and I don't think he should have been suspended.
  15. The Brain

    Knock Knock

    whose there