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  1. Game script shouldn't affect Barkley. Giants have been lining him up outside as a receiver. Imo i could see him having a similar year like DJ had in 2016. Choo Choo
  2. Mike Nice

    Jay Ajayi traded to Eagles

    Huge upgrade for Ajayi. Don't expect much out of the dolphins rbs , low end flex if that.
  3. He's getting the volume, he reminds me a lot of Gurley last year
  4. Mike Nice

    "Change" to Waiver/FA system mid-stream...

    Way too late in the season to make any type of change like this
  5. Mike Nice

    Bilal Powell

    Someone is mad he missed out on Powell
  6. Mike Nice

    Bench AB?

  7. Mike Nice

    Bilal Powell

    Powell was a top 3 ppr rb last year for the final 4 weeks. Of course he should be rostered
  8. Mike Nice

    Josh Gordon is he coming back?

    With Coleman breaking his hand and Britt being useless,perfect timing for NFL o get some ratings
  9. Mike Nice

    Having 2 WRs on the same team

    I have A brown and M Bryant and I hate it
  10. Mike Nice

    OBJ Dilemma

    Even if he plays at less than 100% he would get shadowed by Slay and Eli sucks
  11. Mike Nice

    Josh Gordon is he coming back?

    People who say no don't own him people who say yes own him. Only time will tell
  12. Mike Nice

    Forte vs. Powell

    Powell is going to get more work with Jets being down and him being the far superior run at this point of their careers. TY is facing Seattle, in ppr I actually prefer powell
  13. Mike Nice

    Josh Gordon is he coming back?

    Yes he is coming back,
  14. Mike Nice

    Is Gillislee a sell high?

    It was well known he was going to be the goal line back. I think people are just saying you aren't going to get much more then what you would of got before last night. Stuffed on two 4 and 1 as well.