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    Points Scored vs. Points Allowed?

    I finally get it!. That is an awesome tool. Thanks Mike
  2. Mattwood440

    Points Scored vs. Points Allowed?

    Nagging question about fftoday>tools>Fantasy Strength of Schedule. I've read the description of "Opponents' FF Points Scored" and "Opponents' FF Points Allowed" 100 times and I don't understand something. Example: this week, "Opponents' FF Points Allowed" for ARI (@ KC) = 15.4%, BUT for "Opponents' FF Points Scored" KC vs QB it says -22.7% So which is it? Is KC allowing more than average FF QB points or are QBs facing KC scoring less than average??? If for simplicity the league average QB FF points was 10 is this saying KC is allowing 11.5 or is it 7.73?