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  1. DB Cooper

    FU Thanksgiving week 12

    Damn Jax Defense and their Jeckyl/Hyde act!
  2. Think Mvs fits better as 2 on outside and moving into slot. Allows speed to be a factor. When Cobb is out, he runs exclusively from slot on short crosses. Hes in for a big week and breaks 2 long TDs. MVS Owner
  3. DB Cooper

    The Official Week 9 FU Thread

    Did MSV disappear. F a guy who cant get on the field! Might have a chance if I get a point for snap that hes on the field!
  4. DB Cooper

    The Official Week 9 FU Thread

    This. Cmon Tarik!
  5. DB Cooper

    early FU thread

    Streaming Dalton in prime time- not my best move. Need him to throw it to Bengals in garbage time.
  6. DB Cooper

    Week 6 FU Thread

    DeShawn Watson is killing the Texans and me today! Cmon man...
  7. DB Cooper

    Can I get a FU?

    Green Bay going for 2 twice. Burned by Crosby!
  8. DB Cooper

    Can I get a FU?

    Is Julio still living? Donut through 3 in the big shootout of the week?
  9. DB Cooper

    Cut bait on Royce Freeman

    Is he done? Lindsey getting all the run?
  10. DB Cooper

    The FU Thread

    Screw everything Patriots. Needed 2 yds or a catch from Burkhead for last dang hour. Zero touches
  11. DB Cooper

    The FU Thread

    Damn Brady. Force feed Burkhead.
  12. DB Cooper

    Start it up: what do you need Monday Night?

    Down 16 with Burkhead in full PPR.
  13. DB Cooper

    Help, pick one, McCown vs Denver or Carr vs KC?

    Think that was just gas
  14. DB Cooper

    The FU Thread

    Crapapple and Bernard need to get on the dang board! Killing my life. Need a win for money round!
  15. DB Cooper

    Week 12 FU Thread

    Damn it! Played Amendila over Burkhead in flex. Cant guess BBS mind