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  1. More like Robert Wagner.......
  2. scott4507

    Bloody Mary recipe

    Zing-zang is a great starter! Try Absolute Citron for your vodka for a change. It adds a twang that goes nicely with the spicy. Also, rib rub makes a good rimmer.
  3. scott4507

    Best song opening

    Band sucks....but great opening.
  4. scott4507

    Bond Movies

    Bond movies have been around almost 60 years! 60 years! Longer than most on this board have been alive..... Name another movie franchise that comes close. Dated? Of course. Campy? Several of them are absolutely unwatchable. But the whole premise is still what made the Rat Pack and Playboy last so long. Fock a , slap a , cap a bad guy, drink a martini, drive a cool ride, have the latest tech gadgets and do it all in style. Never seen a Bond movie? Try From Russia with Love, Casino Royale and Skyfall. Damn good movies, even if Bond weren't involved.
  5. scott4507

    Best or most unique place

    +1. Thank God for heavily tinted windows.......
  6. scott4507

    Best or most unique place

    In the engine room a WW2 submarine on display.
  7. scott4507

    Spermoff:Most depressing movies

    Oh, and +1 for Requiem and Leaving Las Vegas....
  8. scott4507

    Spermoff:Most depressing movies

    Falling Down What Dreams May Come The Road The Elephant Man
  9. scott4507

    Stupid running bumper stickers on cars

    I saw the 0.0 sticker yesterday on a beater truck..... I also like the "whole family stick figures", especially after I saw the one labeled "CONFIRMED KILLS".
  10. scott4507

    Texas Hill Country

    Fredricksburg or Kerrville Lots of things to do in both towns, not too far apart.
  11. scott4507

    Define a "choke" in sports

    Hello? Houston Oilers vs Buffalo Bills 1993. Houston up 35-3 in the 3rd...... Gave Houston the nickname "Choke City". Probably hastened the Oilers departure for Tennessee.
  12. scott4507

    Most annoying word of 2013...

    "epic" and "fail" "selfie" - again
  13. 12 seasons. 7 losing. 2 even. 3 winning. Perspective depends on which team you root for. I'm not the least bit sorry for Detroit.