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  1. markcc13

    2018 Auction Draft Strategy

    Thank you for clarifying. I've been doing auction for several years. Previously I have always felt very confident but not this year. Where did you see it say that it is based on starting 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE. My league uses a flex (WR, RB, and TE) rather than a third WR so I would place an even greater value on the RB position.
  2. markcc13

    2018 Auction Draft Strategy

    I have no idea what to do this year. The past few weeks I have been preparing for my league's auction draft. This year seems far more difficult than in previous years. We only have a couple of players who are unquestionable work horses like Elliott and Gurley. Afterwards every player has question marks and some are going for crazy values like Barkley (0 NFL snaps), D. Johnson (Coming off an Injury Year), etc. This year their is huge parity. I am in a 10 team league and there is plenty of depth at WR and QB this year. I'm totally lost with what to do? I'm leaning towards splurging on RB but I hate how injury prone they are. What are other people thinking about doing this year?
  3. markcc13

    Which RBs to Start

    I need to pick 2 RBs. My choices are Matt Forte (against Seattle with Kam back), CJ Anderson (bum so far but good matchup), and Jonathan Stewart (Average RB but the Saints suck). I have concerns about all three in parenthesis and can't make up my mind. Who would you pick and why?
  4. markcc13

    Pick 'em: Running Backs

    Alright it's the first round of the playoffs I have a plethora of running backs. Alfred Morris, Ben Tate, Zac Stacy, Toby Gerhart, and Montee Ball. I'm debating who to start. Alfred Morris is going against the Falcons. Kirk Cousins is starting. The last two games he has gone for 31 yards and 0 receiving last game and 26 yards, a TD, and 27 yards receiving. The Falcons gave up 112 yards rushing last week and 193 yards the week before. Ben Tate is going against the Colts. The last two games he has gone for 53 yards, 0 TD, and 3 yards receiving and 102 yards, 3 TD, and 0 receiving. The Colts gave up 155 yards rushing last week and 162 the week before. Zac Stacy is going against the Saints. The last two games he has gone for 25 yards, TD, and 3 yards receiving and 72 yards, 0 TD, and -1 yards receiving. The Saints gave up 128 yards rushing last week and 127 the week before. Toby Gerhart is going against the Eagles. The last two games he has gone for 89 yards and a TD and basically nothing. The Eagles gave up 80 yards rushing last week and 90 yards the week before. Montee Ball is going against the Chargers. The last two games he has gone for 77 yards, TD, and 11 yards receiving and 117 yards and 4 yards receiving. The Chargers gave up 92 yards last week and 164 yards the week before. I think I have plenty of options. Who should I pick?
  5. markcc13

    WR1 vs WR2 Stats.

    Do we know for sure Haden will be on BM? Considering how Alshon has played recently I could see Haden shadowing him.
  6. Both of their matchups suck but which one would you choose?
  7. markcc13

    Best Kicker for the Playoffs

    So I just clinched the playoffs in my main league. They will be week 15 and 16. Right now I have Mason Crosby as my kicker but I don't think I want to keep him given his QB situation. What kicker might blow up in those weeks I can pick up?
  8. markcc13

    Delanie Walker

    On Thursday Ryan Fitzpatrick was giving Delanie Walker tons of targets and looking his way often. What is everyone's thought on him the rest of the way? Will he be a solid TE option?
  9. markcc13

    Waiver Wire Receivers

    I'm thin at wide receiver and don't want to start Josh Gordon at KC. I could grab Golden Tate (STL) or Jerome Simpson (GB) off the waiver wire this week. Who of the three would you roll with?
  10. markcc13

    Vincent Jackson

    I have a trade offer that includes Vincent Jackson. He would be my fourth best receiver and just a filler for bye weeks going forward. What is everyone's opinion of him going forward giving the cluster in Tampa?
  11. markcc13


    You mean this isn't a video game?!
  12. markcc13


    Who gets Amendola's targets then? Maybe Gibson? If Amendola is out, there has to be at least one WR on the Rams worth owning.
  13. markcc13

    New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

    I need McCoy to start justifying his draft status because I am starting to lose patience.
  14. markcc13

    Should I trade McCoy?

    The offer is Brandon Marshall and Frank Gore for McCoy. I'm concerned Philly will again underachieve this season after the scare today. Should I pull the trigger?
  15. markcc13

    Is Gerhart worth keeping?

    Is Gerhart still worth owning? It's clear AP is back and will only get stronger over the season. The team didn't seem willing to give Gerhart carries. I want to add McCluster when he comes off waivers and think Gerhart is my least valuable player.