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  1. minuteofdecay

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    I thought about them too, but not sure they are a championship ready team or at least they haven't proved it yet. Think the Steelers might take almost anything just to move him.
  2. minuteofdecay

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    Teams do things all time that we the fans are asking wtf. Reasons I can see it working in green bay 1 great quarterback 2 hard to pick which to cover between Adams and brown 3 win now mode 4 sells tickets and merchandise 5 in the nfc not the afc 6 brown would probably be open to go there as it isn't the jaguars, or other crappy team that doesn't have a legit chance to win now
  3. minuteofdecay

    Antonio Brown requests trade

  4. minuteofdecay

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    Brown to Green bay? Do they have the cap room?
  5. minuteofdecay

    Gurley, Barkley, Henry pick 2

    Thanks weepawsThat's what I keep thinking but so hard to sit him, because you know its Henry.
  6. minuteofdecay

    Gurley, Barkley, Henry pick 2

    Same as headline.
  7. minuteofdecay

    Who should I start? Fournette or Mixon?

    Mixon http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=482598&view=getnewpost
  8. minuteofdecay

    WR and Flex help, please

    Juju and cooper. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=482598&view=getnewpost
  9. minuteofdecay

    MVS or Ridley?

    Need to start 1 of these two. MVS is at Seattle on Thursday while Ridley is at home vs the cowboys? Standard scoring with bonus points for benchmark yards (100 total from scrimmage)
  10. minuteofdecay

    post your 7-0 teams

    Not a head to head league (14 teams) but have won 3 weeks and got 2place in 3 more Mahomes Gurley Barkley M.Thomas C.Ridley Minnesota
  11. minuteofdecay

    early FU thread

    Fu to myself had taken m.Thomas out last week for bye then when I changed it this week I put Ridley in(he was in from last week)
  12. minuteofdecay

    studs you are benching or at least thinking about benching

    I have to pick between Rodgers and Mahomes
  13. minuteofdecay

    Ever been killed by a kicker?

    Yes had minnesota defense/kicker vs the garbage buffalo bills(my favorite team for extra stink in my face) and lost $50 by 1 pt. Fracking bills...
  14. minuteofdecay

    Keeper league questions

    Johnson and Adams would be my choice I think