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  1. Anyone know how to start an ESPN custom league that doesn't require invitations and is open to the public?
  2. I have been playing fantasy football since 1982 and I have finally figured out how to do well at it. In the past 2 seasons I have had 11 teams over various sites and 9 of them have been 1st place finishes. Slow learner POD AJ
  3. whatsupdoc

    Pick one QB. Will Help In Return (WHIR)

    Fitzpatrick by 5% over Sanchez; by 15% over Bridgewater; by 15% over Hill; by 20% over Hoyer
  4. whatsupdoc

    Lamar Miller or Daniel Herron in PPR

    no ppr less than a 5% edge to Miller ppr-pick'em I think the same point production from both; maybe a very very slight edge to Miller
  5. whatsupdoc

    rb2 help. tre mason, ryan mathews, dan herron? WHIR

    Mason and Herron basically even; 25% over Mathews. Very slight edge to Mason
  6. whatsupdoc

    Kaep vs Raiders,Rivers vs Pats or Big Ben vs Cincy?

    Kaepernick by 2% over Rivers; by 5% over Roethlisberger
  7. Stewart by 40% over Vereen; by 55% over Murray (non recpt league). Stewart by 10% over Vereen; by 65% over Murray (ppr league) Bailey by 10% over Colston; by 20% over Johnson; by 30% over Moncrief; by 50% over Jackson (non ppr) Bailey by 10% over Colston; by 20% over Johnson; by 30% over Jackson; by 40% over Moncrief (ppr) My take on this would be Stewart @ RB; Bailey and Colston @ WR; Johnson @ Flex
  8. whatsupdoc

    rb morris, mason or hill

    Morris by 10% over Mason; by 50% over Hill.
  9. whatsupdoc

    How good are you? Decisions Decisions.....

    Stafford by 10% over Kaepernick; by 30% over McCoy. Thomas by 25% over Benjamin; by 30% over Maclin; by 30% over Lafell; by 35% over Stills; by 40% over Landry; by 130% over Moncrief. (Slight edge to Maclin over Lafell) Forsett by 15% over Mason; by 15% over Herron; Davis NO; (Slight edge to Mason over Herron)
  10. whatsupdoc

    QB help: Big Ben, Dalton or Sanchez?

    Dalton and Roethlisberger almost even slight edge to Dalton; Sanchez 20% back
  11. whatsupdoc

    Running Back rich! Can only pick one.

    In a non ppr: Bell over Foster by 5%, over Lacy by 20%. In a ppr: Bell over Foster by 15%, over Lacy by 30%.
  12. whatsupdoc

    RB help

    Crowell over Ivory by 15%; over Murray by 90%.
  13. whatsupdoc

    Underdog looking for upset, pick 3 of 4 wr

    I like Lafell on top; followed very closely by Stills; Allen 5% back; Matthews 30% back
  14. whatsupdoc

    RB help - Crowell or Heron? WHIR

    In a non ppr slight edge to Herron by say less than 5%. In a ppr a larger edge to Herron say by 15%.