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  1. rsmnutt

    WEEK 15 unlikely FF heroes

    Super Bowl MVP - Nick Foles
  2. rsmnutt

    ROS Timeshare RBs? Rank them!

    What about Ito?
  3. rsmnutt

    Ty Montgomery to Ravens

    Ty Montgomery was a WR before injuries to Lacy and Starks.
  4. rsmnutt

    Wilson, Goff, or Trubisky ROS

    Trubisky - kid takes one read, then runs like crazy.
  5. rsmnutt

    Melvin Gordon Questionable

    Jordan Howard to the bench - Austin Ekeler to the starting lineup.
  6. rsmnutt

    Jordan howard whats up?

  7. rsmnutt

    Jordan howard whats up?

    Waste of a draft pick.
  8. rsmnutt

    Josh Gordon is getting released. He is done.

    Its the Browns...
  9. rsmnutt

    Josh Gordon out week 2

    Getting released by the Browns. Must be acting a fool.
  10. rsmnutt

    Week 2 steamer defense

    Houston - managers may have dropped them because they had New England week 1.
  11. rsmnutt

    Bears at Packers: In-Game Discussion

    What a joke... are the playing prevent defense in the red zone? Everyone is wide open.
  12. rsmnutt

    Bears at Packers: In-Game Discussion

    Glad I took Howard in the second round to be my RB2. 3 - down back my arse.
  13. Kick Alex and Andy to the curb, peace out.
  14. QB: Tom Brady WR: Brandin Cooks WR: Danny Amendola RB: Dion Lewis RB: James White TE: Rob Gronkowski K: Gostkowski D: NE
  15. rsmnutt

    Pittsburgh cut James Harrison...

    2 sacks with 4 tackles. Thank you, Steelers!