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  1. I doubt it but not all that possible. I am one of those guys who drafts RB HEAVILY dependent on offensive line and the Broncos line is a huge question mark. Kubes loves to run the ball but honestly you never know who he picks as his bell-cow. It can change quickly. (See 2014 with Ravens)
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    Any numismatists in here?

    Ok a few points. Mercury dimes did not start protection until 1916 so I assume you made a typo. If you have dimes from 1911 those are barber dimes. A few questions: 1) How are these coins stored? Like for example are the Morgans or 'silver quarters' in rolls? Books? 2) Are all the coins raw? 'raw' means not graded. A graded coin will be in a plastic slab. It could say ANA, PCGS. NGC. IGC, ANACS and should give a grade. 3) ."..value old bills .." When you say 'old' what do you mean? Currency is not something I collect a lot of. I am much more of a coin collector but I know enough to give an opinion. The SLQ being in bad shape is very common. They were a bad series and wear out very easily. It is unlike you have one but the 1916 SLQ is an extremely rare coin and even in very poor condition brings 4 digit numbers. Again is very UNLIKELY you have one but a 1916 SLQ can be identified even with the date so worn off you can't see. I look forward to more information.
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    Any numismatists in here?

    Hi. Can you tell me more about what type of coins you have? That goes a long way in giving sound advise.