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  1. HF21

    Ty Montgomery

    Does Hundley need a "dump off" guy? If so, is Montgomery that guy? or is it one of the WRs? Cobb? Or are we basically saying the whole team is done because of the Rodgers injury?
  2. HF21

    Hilton, Cobb or Watkins

    Thanks. Anyone else?
  3. HF21

    Wk 3 TE Help

    I'd go with Watson also.
  4. Need 1 of these 3 for PPR. TY Hilton vs Cleveland - No Luck = No Hilton? Cobb vs Cincy - Possibly injured, so that's an easy choice if he's out. Watkins @ SF - Thursday Night? But he's going to get his at some point... Thanks leave a link - I'll give you the best advice I can...but I'm also the guy who drafted the Luckless TY Hilton, so maybe my advice isn't all that great? LOL
  5. HF21

    Watkins, White, Cobb

    I need 1 WR and 1 flex for a PPR. Watkins vs Washington - will Josh Norman limit Sammy? James White @ Saints - shootout in N.O. with a depleted WR corp? Cobb @ Falcons - shootout in Atlanta? Which 2 get the start? Thanks! Leave a link.
  6. HF21

    Best waiver pickup

    Johnson and Williams are already rostered in any competitive leagues.
  7. HF21

    Julio Jones

    Lol. It doesn't matter now. Leveon Bell just kicked my ass out of the playoffs. Now I can just enjoy football...
  8. HF21

    Julio Jones

    How does this affect Gabriel? Should I go with him or roll the dice with Dion Lewis?
  9. HF21

    Taylor Gabriel

    I have Julio and Gabriel. As of now, I'm starting Julio...
  10. HF21

    Vernon Davis

    Even if Reed comes back, how do you see Davis the rest of the year? Is he startabe with and without Reed?
  11. HF21

    Green Bay at Washington: In-Game Discussion

    Is he even playing tonight?
  12. Which DST this week? Arizona @ Minnesota - Vikings have been down lately or Miami @ LA - Goff's first game.
  13. HF21

    Ezekiel Elliots new nickname is!...

    I hate having to decipher who someone is talking about because they have to have their own nicknames for everyone.
  14. HF21

    Start 2 of these 3 backs

    Ware and Stewart