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  1. wild_and_crazy_guy

    Eli Manning vs Joe Montana

    Eli was funnier on SNL. Joe is better at the football-related categories.
  2. wild_and_crazy_guy

    David Johnson trade value

    I drafted David Johnson with my #2 overall pick. Yesterday, I traded DJ straight up for Dalvin Cook (injured). I also picked up L.Murray off wavers as handcuff. Today, the air is fresher. Food tastes better. By the way, you all look wonderful!
  3. wild_and_crazy_guy

    Ethics Question

    Two things... While it is kind of a move, shame on the other owner for putting himself in that position. The other guy is mismanaging his team, and you would be taking advantage of that, Why would your league have no consequences or cost for you to churn the waiver players. Our league charges $ for each drop/add. Other leagues give you a limit per season. You guys need to fix that.
  4. wild_and_crazy_guy

    Le’Veon Bell - The hold out continues!

    Our draft is Monday night, and I have the #2 pick. I am now leaning toward drafting D.Johnson if Gurley is off the board. I know Bell is great, but not sure how much better he is than D.Johnson, who does not seem to bring as much drama and headache to my fantasy football decisions.
  5. wild_and_crazy_guy

    Another Kenyan drake post

    I really like Kenyan Drake, and think he is under the radar. All of the "experts" disagree. I'm definitely targeting him as a value pick.
  6. wild_and_crazy_guy

    Should The Commissioner Have Nixed This Deal?

    I voted no. Based on your description, there was collusion back in 2015, when Team A promised to trade Team B J.Jones if Team B won. This is 2018. If Team A and Team B are both making trades that (they believe) are benefiting their own teams, then there is no collusion in 2018.
  7. wild_and_crazy_guy

    Andrew Luck - What are owners expecting?

    Please understand, I was a huge Andrew Luck fan, and truly hope that he can regain full health. But IMHO from a fantasy football perspective, he is not even close to being fantasy football relevant. I don't get these FFL articles tracking his daily progress...reporting how he is now able to "throw with no pain" or "walk across the room without assistance". Are there FFL owners who are actually counting on him for their 2018 season? If and when he ever does come back, I will need to see him perform at a high level before I would ever trust him. What are your expectations of Andrew Luck?
  8. wild_and_crazy_guy


    Although it was incomplete, it was good to see a deep pass attempt in to Diggs. Until now he just had a handful of sort passes. Very glad I didn't start him this week, but am looking forward to having him back in my lineup in week 10.
  9. wild_and_crazy_guy


    I'm sitting Diggs until he can play a full game without issue. I'm guessing the team will ease him into the game slowly, right before their week 9 bye. Then I'll start him with confidence in week 10. Plus, every player is worse when they have to travel to London to play.
  10. wild_and_crazy_guy

    Fairness...when have you crossed the line?

    I like posts that describe situations like this. But there is nothing remotely aggressive or pushing any boundaries about what you did. Why are you asking if you "crossed the line"?
  11. wild_and_crazy_guy

    Josh Gordon Availability & Equal Opportunity

    As of this post, you don't know if or how much he will get to play in 2014. Nobody does. The other owners who "missed the Josh boat" might be making smarter decisions than you.
  12. Given the Playoff picture, do the Chiefs have an incentive to play their starters the whole game? It looks like they are locked unless I am missing something. Any insight would be appreciated.
  13. wild_and_crazy_guy

    Any CBS commishes here?

    Your question is not clear. Are you saying that your league settings are suppose to place a dropped player on waivers for one day..but your league settings actually place dropped players on waivers for a whole week?
  14. wild_and_crazy_guy

    Marshawn Lynch

    I have Lynch raked ahead of Richardson because Cleveland stinks, and Seattle will move the chains. I'm not on the Doug Martin bandwagon just because everybody else is drinking the cool-aid...he's good, but having 2 good games does not make him a top 3 pick. I do think that J Charles will shine this season because A. Reid will use him more, and KC is a much improved team. So I'd probably take J Charles ahead of Lynch.
  15. wild_and_crazy_guy

    Peyton Manning's Arm Strength?

    As good as Manning's stats were last season, he did not have his full arm strength back from his surgery. I have not seen Denver in any preseason games, so hoping someone can comment on this... How does Peyton Manning's arm strength look? Has he thrown deep? If so, how did he look? Thank You