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    Do I make a trade?

    QB: Cousins RB: Gordon, Michel, Ingram, Clement, Drake WR: Adams, Robinson, Cooper, Funchess, Coutee, Kearse TE: Howard, Reed K: Legatron DST: streaming Indi QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 TE/WR/RB 1 TE/WR
  2. jctds

    Do I make a trade?

    12 team, .5 ppr Currently 2-4, need a win this week Feeling like I need an upgrade at WR, do I trade Ingram or Michel? If so, which one and who do I go after? Could I get someone like Diggs? Or do I ride out my current team. QB: Cousins RB: Gordon, Michel, Ingram, Clement, Drake WR: Adams, Robinson, Cooper, Funchess, Coutee, Kearse TE: Howard, Reed
  3. jctds

    Should I make this trade?

    So everyone thinks that any form of this trade makes sense for me?
  4. Was offered Melvin Gordon, Funchess, and Chargers D for Green, Lynch, and Miller. Not a big fan of trading for a defense, especially a middling one... Am thinking of countering with one of the following: 1) Gordon, Funchess, and Reed for Green, Lynch, and Miller. 2) Gordon, Funchess and Chargers D for Adams, Lynch, and Miller. Do any of the three scenarios make sense for me? .5PPR 12 Teams QB: Cousins, Mayfield RB: Michel, Lynch, Miller, Drake, Ingram WR: Green, Adams, Robinson, Cooper, Agholor TE: Howard, Hurst
  5. jctds

    Trade advice Connors for Hilton

    You likely picked Connor up on the WW so unless you are otherwise desperate at RB I would consider the move if it makes you better overall. You will, however, end up with a playable stable of WR which could give you some agita week in week out. If your RBs aren't stable and you're concerned with that depth/starters then you need to ride Connor right now and hope Bell isn't coming back anytime soon. The other posts are also correct that the longer Connor starts the more valuable he becomes and could build up more trade value in just a matter of a week or two.
  6. jctds

    WRs on the Wire (Geronimo / Ryan Grant)

    I say hold tight but if you feel you need to make a move: Rodgers would have to be supporting Allison as a third wideout, Luck supporting Grant as a second. While that normally may be a wash, GB has so many other options while that's not really the case with Indy. I lean Grant if you are compelled to make that move, doubly so since you already have Cobb! Seriously though, do you really want to drop a #1 (Funchess) for a non-#1? I know it's Cam but, he is the clear #1. DJ Moore did nothing and would've been my only concern with Funchess out of the gate. I'd stay with Funchess 100% right now.
  7. jctds

    Which TE ?

    Kittle(s and bits) for sure.
  8. .5 PPR/12 Teams/2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1RB/TE/WR, 1TE/WR QB: Cousins RB: Drake, L. Miller, Lynch, Ingram, Michel, D. Johnson WR: Adams, Green, Cooper, Robinson, Agholor TE: OJ Howard Ingram and Michel are my upside stashes at RB but already starting at 0-1, wondering if I need to try to make a move or moves now.
  9. jctds

    Drafted Yesterday - not very pleased

    I was thinking Martin for some reason, not Murray. Sounds like you've figured this one out. Best of luck!
  10. jctds

    Drafted Yesterday - not very pleased

    Am I the only one seeing a hole in the TE spot? I don't like either of those for a PPR. Burton is getting all this praise as being a not so tired sleeper this year but do we really trust Mitch? I don't.... Kittle flashed last year but he is at best a streamer. Your RB situation is actually solid now with those two additions. You can now also shop Breida to the McKinnon owner AND Murray to the Lynch owner as other options. I'd keep Carson as of this moment.
  11. 1/2 PPR Up to 2 keepers 12 Teams 10th position in draft 2 RB, 2WR, 1 WR/TE, 1 RB/WR/TE Keeper options with rounds they would count in (listed in order that I think makes sense as of today): Allen Robinson: last pick Kenyan Drake: last pick Melvin Gordon: round 1 (again) Marvin Jones: last pick Chris Hogan: round 9 Julian Edelman: last pick Dilemma: concerned all of the workhorse RBs will also be kept. Based on preliminary mocks - picks available at 10 may be: Cook, Fournette, Michael Thomas, Diggs. Is it worth keeping Gordon as my #1 because he will clearly go before pick 10 if I let him go. Cook and Fournette may very well not be there, either. Worried I lose out on all 3down backs and need to go WR in round 1 and never recoup a higher end RB, should that worry me?
  12. jctds

    Need 2 Wr

  13. jctds

    Need 2 Wr

    Hopkins and Boldin. Stafford loves Boldin in the red zone and there will be points.
  14. jctds

    Start Wilson or Kaep?

    Agree. Wilson. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=461745
  15. jctds

    Would You Change Anything?

    @jimaveli we think alike