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  1. Looking for one more--very fun format Payouts: ($3000-$79.95 league site fee) which leaves $2920 1st Place = $1230 2nd Place = $700 3rd Place = $250 4th Place = $125 Consolation Bowl = $65 Alcohol Division Winner = $100 Gambling Division Winner = $100 Fantasy Sports Division Winner = $100 Points champion (Weeks 1-13) = $250
  2. Looking for 4 more for slow auction league. This is the old Addicts Auction league that ran for years. The person that ran them has retired from FF and I decide to try and get it going again. Need 4 more. Check out the by laws and rules. I plan on using leaguesafe. Please message me interested in details. http://www79.myfantasyleague.com/2018/home/19066
  3. It will be a carbon copy of this league: http://www72.myfanta...aign=internal#0 Start around Aug 21st---this is a slow auction. These leagues have been around forever and are very fun. Contact me for details.