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  1. Poop4U

    Xavien Howard-covering Diggs or Thielen?

    Is he healthy this week?
  2. Poop4U

    Who should I start? Fournette or Mixon?

    Fournette. If you have him, you trust him to play now that he's healthy. If you don't, you should have gotten rid of him a long time ago...
  3. Poop4U

    WR and Flex help, please

    Juju for sure. Sanders and Cooper probably after that. I've been on the Davis train one too many times in my fantasy career. No thanks...that being said. Cooper is almost as bad. I just feel like Cooper sees the ball from a more consistent QB.
  4. Poop4U

    Trading Mahomes

    I traded him a few weeks back with Breida for OBJ and Cook. I had Matt Ryan and I just scooped up Trubitsky off the waivers. I trust Ryan down the stretch and needed an upgrade at the other two positions. I think I'll regret it if Breida ends up doing as well as I think he might once he's helathy, especially now that there's little competition for him in SF.
  5. Poop4U

    Where’s the week 4 FOCK YOU thread?

    Mike Williams...where did you go???
  6. Poop4U

    my draft is tonight...

    Take Ajayi. He already has two TDs this week!
  7. Poop4U

    Christmas Day 2018 Is Here!

    So...I think it's clear that the two TDs and second half increased usage shows you why people drafted Ajayi. He's not one of the top 5, but he's on an offense that will move the ball (even more when Wentz returns) and he's a big body who they trust at the goalline.
  8. Poop4U

    Need Flex help

    are there 8 players in this league? I'd go Freeman or Marshawn. I'd probably lean Marshawn because I can't see someone taking his touches from him where I think there's a chance Freeman gets spelled at more times.
  9. Poop4U

    Pick up Breida in PPR

    Drop Stills, but you are pretty deep already in RB...
  10. Poop4U

    Royce Freeman for Doug Baldwin

    pull back? C'mon now...that's bush league. Now it's time to hope the knee holds up for Baldwin and that Denver suddenly likes their other back more...
  11. Poop4U

    FU Thread Semi-Finals edition

    Anyone seen Doug Baldwin? Anyone? Anyone?
  12. I ran the table two years ago in a semi-competitive 12 person league. Most games were not close in the play-offs, but getting there meant some pretty lucky days. This year I'm 11-1 in the same league, but I've caught a ton of breaks getting to that point. I'd score 65 and play the team that somehow only managed 63 that week. Other times, I'd have a huge week when my opponent had one as well, but I'd come out just above them. It's flukey.
  13. Poop4U

    WR help

    Bryant. As bad as the Pats D looked early on, they have figured it out as of late. And Matt Moore getting the ball to PArker sounds a lot less dicey than Big Ben to Bryant (who I recall got a bunch of looks last game.)
  14. Poop4U

    The old three banger

    Evans and Shep. Miami is just terrible, so even Fitz should be able to get Evans some points (finally). Shepard I think just makes sense as a guy who has to be the target of so many passes. I know Theilin gets more than his share, but Keenum could just as easily look for Diggs, Rudolph, or even McKinnon...