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  1. superbowlbears

    MVS - drop him for another waiver wire add or hold?

    I'm holding onto MVS at this point. He's still the #2 WR in an Aaron Rodgers led offense and is playing a large amount of snaps still. I imagine that Jimmy Graham breaking his thumb is probably going to result in some more looks in his direction as well. I was also playing with the idea of dropping him and picking up Tre'Quan, DJ Moore, or Courtland Sutton, but ultimately decided to hold him, especially after the Graham news.
  2. superbowlbears

    need to pick 3 RBs

    I traded Boyd away for Chubb (so glad I did as I needed the RB help) last week if that gives you a reference for him. I'd check out some trade charts like this one: https://www.fantasypros.com/2018/11/fantasy-football-trade-value-chart-week-11/
  3. superbowlbears

    need to pick 3 RBs

    If your trade deadline hasn't passed yet, I would offload one (or two) of those RBs off and upgrade that WR unit. I'm sure you could pull something nice there. I would play Kamara, Conner, and Chubb though.
  4. superbowlbears

    MVS for A. Jones? Whir

    I would make that trade.
  5. superbowlbears

    MVS or Hilton This Week

    Starting Hilton no questions over here too. Also have MVS, but he's more of a question in my flex position than in a proper WR position.
  6. superbowlbears

    ROS: Duke Johnson or Ito Smith

    In standard, I'd stay Ito.
  7. superbowlbears

    Fitzmagic-- who U starting him over?

    I was just looking at this a little closer, and the Wilson\Fitz combo for the rest of the season actually looks pretty awesome. Where Wilson has tough match ups, Fitz has pretty easy match ups and vice versa (especially after week 12 cruising into the playoffs.) Wilson's ROS Schedule: LAC, @LAR, GB, CAR, SF, MIN, @SF, KC, AZ Fitz's ROS Schedule: @CAR, WAS, @NYG, SF, CAR, NO, @BAL, @DAL, ATL Of course, the big question mark is if Fitz lasts as the starter throughout the rest of the season. I'm certainly hanging onto these two barring any injuries\benchings.
  8. superbowlbears

    Fitzmagic-- who U starting him over?

    Fitz over Wilson, checking in.
  9. superbowlbears

    Ryan Fitzpatrick named starter for Week 9

    I'm thinking about picking up Fitz as well, as riding with only Wilson just scares me since they're hardly throwing the ball anymore. Figure it's worth it for Fitz's ceiling.
  10. superbowlbears

    Demaryius Thomas headed to Houston?

    Just picked up Keke the other day. Do you guys think this makes him less relevant? Would you guys still hold on to him?
  11. superbowlbears

    Brady or Dalton

    If you've got Brady, you play him when you can regardless of match up IMO.
  12. superbowlbears

    Drop Brieda for Mostert?

    Thinking about picking up Mostert as well. Would you guys drop Clement for Mostert?
  13. superbowlbears

    Tre'Quan Smith

    Thinking about picking up Tre'Quan tonight... (daily waivers) But, someone also just dropped Ridley, so I'm thinking I could hold out until Monday when he's up for grabs. Geronimo and Goodwin are also sitting on the WW. I would be dropping Burton as I think Njoku can take me the rest of the way through the season with his ridiculous target share (w/ the exception of his bye week.) What would you guys do?
  14. superbowlbears

    Pick 1 then Pick 1 then Pick Ya Nose

    Yup, Crabtree and Crablegs.
  15. Need a little Flex help here... Kerryon @ Mia Burton v. NE Thompson (Q) v. Dal Clement v. Car With Riddick not practicing, I'm currently leaning in Kerryon's direction at the moment. Also, probably the only time I am considering flexing a second TE because of the matchups (starting Njoku and possibly flexing Burton.) Thompson is coming back from injury, but has a more difficult match up. Will Clement come in and get most of the goal line touches to bump him above the other flex candidates? Thanks!