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  1. wilsonfan3

    Fix my flex

    I have two spots for 3 players K golladay C carson J adams Non ppr which 2 should i pick?
  2. wilsonfan3

    Chubb or Carson?

    pittsburg defense is good against the run, the gamescript could get out of hand quickly mike davis can steal a lot of points NO PPR
  3. wilsonfan3

    Should I sit Keenan Allen?

    I got c ridley, j brown and s diggs, does anyone think allen will outscore one of them? (cuz i don't rly think so) ***It's standard scroing, no PPR***
  4. wilsonfan3

    Which QB-crazy scoring settings

    I don't think alex smith is throwing deep, and that seems to be very valuable in your league, i'd go with tyrod
  5. wilsonfan3

    Anyone else sitting Keenen Allen

    This early in the season u need to consider matchups, the browns is the worst run defense but they playef the saints and the steelers, i mean, they are not that bad they just played two of the best teams rb-wise
  6. wilsonfan3

    Trade help

    When ingram and (if) bell come back u wouldn't start hunt over them, maybe wait a little then the trade will be great
  7. wilsonfan3

    Do i go with the jets defense?

    I mean they won't have 5 ints again, bears and seahawks are free agents, would either of those be a better option?