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    Barkley Trade help

    Thanks. Keelan Cole Corey Clement Peyton Barber
  2. dcwilli1


    This one is a tossup. Personally I like Hooper as he is seeing more targets and I did well with him last week.
  3. dcwilli1

    Which RBs to start?

    McCaffrey and Mixon.
  4. dcwilli1

    Make this trade?

    I say make the deal. Connor becomes a RB3 at best when Bell is back. Only thing you can hope for is Bell to be traded.
  5. dcwilli1

    Barkley Trade help

    I have been offered two separate trades for Barkley. Antonio Brown for Barkley and Odell for Barkley separately. At what point would anyone make that trade? If someone threw in a mid-level RB with it would it be worth it? Only RBs I see to pair with in these trades aren't much better than Carson(Joe Mixon, Chris Thompson, Gio Bernard, Derrick Henry). Non-PPR QB Big Ben RB Zeke RB Barkley WR Keenan Allen WR Golden Tate Bench Josh Gordon, Chris Carson