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  1. InvalidUsername

    RB Help - Bye week/Injury problems

    Definitely grab Ito and Mack (if possible). Murray is an interesting play as well. Even with Cook back, Murray may have earned himself a steady dosage of carries.
  2. InvalidUsername

    Drop Wilson

    He is definitely worth a stash. It is certainly better than having 3 QB's. Wilson will have good games, but Ben and Flacco may be more consistent.
  3. InvalidUsername

    Decisions at RB this week

    My Rb's are: Kamara Collins Hyde Mack Hines After Kamara it's a crap shoot. Any suggestions on a 2nd RB and who to flex. WR's are: AJ Green T. Hill Tyler Boyd Jordy (BYE) 12 team league with almost no one of relevance available on the WW I started 4-0 and have dropped the last two weeks so I need to get back on track. Both losses were less than 10 points.
  4. InvalidUsername

    Brees or Dalton

    Brees against the Ravens or Dalton against the Chiefs? My WR's are: AJ Green Tyreek Hill I also have Tyler Boyd and Jordy Nelson Could flex Boyd and put all my eggs in one basket for a primetime showdown. Dalton will throw a touchdown to one of those guys
  5. InvalidUsername

    Who to start

    Only issue with Boyd is I have AJ Green. Two receivers from the same team, isnt that bad juju?
  6. InvalidUsername

    Who to start

    Need advice on who to start at RB Hyde A.Collins Mike Davis Nyheem Hines Alfred Morris Kamara on a bye Need to start 2 and flex 1 WRs are: AJ Green T. Hill Boyd Jordy Nelson I could flex Jordy or Boyd as well. Tough decisions this week.