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  1. PPR league Aaron Joens vs Bears worries me a bit, might be a 60 yard game, 2 catches and nothing else.... Need 2 Doug Martin vs Bengals Aaron Jones vs Chicago Curtis Samuel vs Saints
  2. IrishMike

    Considering Allen of Rivers, talk me out of it

    Ok fellas thanks
  3. Worried about Rivers @ KC, I know I am minority but in a league that DOES NOT count INT or FL would you say I am nuts for going with Josh Allen over Rivers? KC at home, gonna be tough I think + Rivers past 4-5 games vs KC are garbage with the outlier of opening day in LA this year
  4. PPR I get the Thomas side Trying to thin my team (Cooper and Scantling are on my bench)
  5. PPR Better upside WR4 for my bench?