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  1. Which team will go from worst to first this year. I think a darkhorse could possibly be the Bucs or the Chiefs. Thoughts?
  2. Mackgee

    Lol @DreamTeam Eagles

    Maybe the Eagle fans on this board are trying out for defensive coordinator?
  3. Mackgee

    The Dream Team!

    Lol, they won free agency though. That's why it's so important to draft right and groom your own talent. They could turn it around, but it doesn't look good now.
  4. Mackgee

    Lol @DreamTeam Eagles

    Guys, I had to throw that one in for old times sake.
  5. Mackgee

    Lol @DreamTeam Eagles

    1-4 and stuck with all those overpaid free agents.
  6. Hopefully, he will find the endzone a few more times vs. Panthers.
  7. Mackgee

    At least Max Hall knows who to throw the ball to

    Max Hall at least knows how to manage the game and not have the defense on the field for 45 minutes. Hopefully the lead will hold up for the Cards.
  8. Mackgee

    Has Derek Anderson been benched?

    His shoe size....
  9. Mackgee

    Finally! Calvin Johnson.....

    What a game so far for him.
  10. Mackgee

    Derek Anderson

    Mike Vick starting QB Arizona Cardinals 2011
  11. Mackgee

    Andre Johnson

    You have to remember that this is the Colts we're talking about, without Bob Sanders. We will see what happens this weekend. I never trust week one fantasy stats. (Frisman Jackson comes to mind to name one). I want to see if Arian is the real deal or another Quentin Griffin?
  12. Mackgee

    Andre Johnson

    I thought I was stupid until I read this response.
  13. Mackgee

    Andre Johnson

    I'm hoping he is not double covered all day?
  14. Mackgee

    Can somebody please cut off

    Steve Young saying "Austin Miles" twice while talking about the Cowboys,lol. I blame Lawerence Phillips for his scrambled brain. He should have not missed that block that ended his career.