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  1. cday

    Mostly Selfindulgent Sports Gambling Thread

    It's been a while since I've been here. glad to see phillybear is still gambling it up. Went 1-2 last night (NO +5, NO over 22, no score in 1st 6 - only hit NO over 22). Haven't looked hard at NFL lines yet for Sunday but hope to do some research/betting tonight. Will post my picks when I do. -3 units total from Thursday's game. stupid playcall by NO at the goalline, don't know why they didn't spread them out. terrible clock management too. Anyway - hope this isn't too spammy, but I'm running a fantasy sports site with a couple other guys, and some of you gamblers may be interested. Particularly since the odds are very good -- we had a game based on Thursday night's game, gave away $100 for 1st, only 5 people entered ($5 entry fee). We're running 2 games on Sunday, $600 guaranteed prize pool for each game, $10 entry, and each game is under 20 entrants right now. So, the +EV is there, for those who are into it. Any feedback would be appreciated. http://www.sportsfantology.com and no, that one guy who ripped me off of that fantasy league never paid me, if anyone remembers and was wondering. :\
  2. cday

    August 2010 Sports Gambling thread

    phillybear. glad to see you're still here. who you liking tomorrow? i'm gut leaning cinci, but no real reason for it. 1-1 preseason, won on the steelers vs lions, lost on denver. thought denver would crush with the QB depth.
  3. start 2 rb, 3 wr: rbs: L. Maroney W. McGahee D. Williams D. Foster M. Drew F. Taylor wrs: G. Jennings S. Moss B. Johnson C. Johnson M. Muhammad M. Furrey Maroney, McGahee, Drew, and CJ?
  4. consider me stunned
  5. cday

    So, the Sanctuary....

    thanks for not saving me from this place.
  6. cday

    Ban Kept for Gay Men Donating Blood

    right, that i agree with. i was just wondering if there was some other bizarre reason that homosexuals were more at risk other than the type of sex acts commonly performed. hope i never need a blood transfusion, period.
  7. cday

    Ban Kept for Gay Men Donating Blood

    not going to argue that, but the overall chance of contracting through donated blood of any type has to be pretty low. my point is the difference between .002 (hypothetical hetero example) and .012 (six times higher, hypothetical homo example) doesn't make me feel much better. hopefully they find a way to test 100% effectively very soon. actually, can you source this? i've found something stating anal sex leads to increased risk, but that gender doesn't matter. (a HIV+ gay man having sex with a gay man has the same chance of infection as a HIV+ man with a woman) just curious.
  8. cday

    Ban Kept for Gay Men Donating Blood

    but if a hetero is donating blood and doesn't get a positive result, that's ok? not being able to detect 100% of the time, regardless of sexuality, is very sobering. that'd absolutely suck to get a blood transfusion and get HIV off of it, and i wouldn't feel any better or worse if the donated blood came from a hetero or homo .. i'd still have HIV. i can't believe they can't detect that reliably enough. that's unreal. if they could, then no, i have no problems with homos donating blood.
  9. cday

    Time Waster

  10. cday

    Time Waster

    7k, 1st and 2nd place
  11. cday

    Time Waster

    1st place suck it
  12. cday

    Barack "Marx" Obama.

    i thought it was common sense that the individual has a debt/obligation to society. otherwise you'd only pay taxes on the roads you drive on (those people who transport the goods to stores you buy from? -- yeah, you don't really need those roads), public programs you use (why should you pay taxes for schools? you don't have any kids!), etc. that is incredibly short-sighted.
  13. cday


    who said it was a 55 mph road? highway speed limit is 65 here.
  14. cday


    as a motorcyclist, it really sucks and is outright dangerous when people do this. it is entirely possible (and has happened) to get burned by little flaming darts coming at you at 60mph+. use your focking ash trays.
  15. good luck. my first biz hit a similar wall.. we actually had a great product, but my 2 partners decided they didn't want to do any more work, so i got screwed during development, tech support, sales, and marketing. as well as trying to hold down my full-time job. didn't work. 2nd company is going much better, actually profitable now, though nothing i can quit my full-time job over. but it's a ton of fun, and i'm getting to meet a lot of people through it. probably had to fall on my face first before learning how to walk.