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  1. budman1

    Hopkins or Landry Ppr

  2. These are my only options, not allowed to pick player up in the playoffs
  3. budman1

    Last minute HELP

    Me also 2 leagues 2 superbowls! $1980 win both, $750 lose both. I bench Ware, I did last week and started AP and still won with Brees as my QB. I like Adams at home, just a gut feeling on that one. see mine please. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=462655
  4. budman1

    TE Help! PPR. Will answer yours

    I like Hunter Henry vs Cleveland, picked him up because Tyler Ifert is out. Here's mine. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=462655
  5. budman1

    L.Murray or j.Ajai

    Leaning towards Murray but Ajai had 204 yards vs Bills in Miami
  6. budman1

    Is this crazy or not?

    I really need to win this week and trying to pull all the stops. I picked up NO def and am thinking of starting them over Carolina. NO at home vs rookie QB first road game, stupid or what?
  7. budman1

    Which 4 RBs to start?

    Blount is the easy pick to sit. Denver has the 29th worst rushing D, jets are top 5
  8. budman1

    L.Murray or J.Ajayi

  9. budman1

    L.Murray or J.Ajayi

    I'm thinking Murray vs Houston in Mexico, Ajayi at LA, your thoughts?
  10. budman1

    Need 2 RB's from these 3

    DJohnson on bye and Ware out, which 2 would you start. Tim Hightower at SF last in league Dujuan Harris home vs NO 2nd to last Duke Johnson home vs Dallas
  11. budman1

    Asiata or L. Murray?

    Got Murray in now, would you switch?
  12. budman1

    Derick Henry dropped grab him?

    I'ts called the waiver wire and it should be Wednesday next week
  13. budman1

    Is it collusion if...

    It's BS, I would never play in that league again.
  14. Rivers at home vs Denver or Stafford at home vs Vikings?