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    Keeper Question Help

    I have a quesion about who I should keep in a 2 team PPR league. I can keep 2 out of the 3 guys listed below. You keep the player in the round you drafted them in last year. Aaron Rodgers - 3rd round. It will be very early in the 3rd round B. Powell - 9th Round Davante Adams - 16th round. The very last round of the draft. How do youguys weigh the "value" of keeping someone like Adams in the 16th round vs. the Premier player in Rodger. Thanks in advance for responding.
  2. I know you're supposed to dance with the girl who brought you, but with Forte playing the Lions, is it better to start J. Hill vs the broncos and J. Bell vs. Bears. Anyone else thinking of benching Forte?
  3. Gouz41

    Lineup Help....please!

    Romo or Stafford at QB? TE position is weak....Fleener or Ertz? And if Julio Jones sits (not on my team), would absolutely start Roddy White (on my team) over Jeremy Hill and Boom Herron?
  4. I'm tied for the last playoff spot with three regular season weeks to go. Needless to say this is a huge week. I have A brown but he is on a bye. Would you trade brown for three weeks of dez Bryant? I do have romo as my quarterback.
  5. Gouz41

    Who do I keep? Megatron or Matt Forte?

    thanks for all the responses guys. There are no trades in this league so that won't be an option.
  6. I'm in a PPR league that lets you keep one player from the previous year. I have both Megatron and Matt Forte and hold the 7th pick. Who do I keep? Thanks for any advice.
  7. Gouz41

    Who to start in semi's

    Pennington all the way
  8. Gouz41

    Some WR help - please

    I have to start 2 WR's out of Tory Holt, Anquan Boldin, and Roy Williams. The reason I'm usure is because the guy i'm palying in the playoffs has John Kitna. I'm always torn as to what to do when the other guys QB is playing against one of my top WR's. Is it better to sit or play Roy Williams? Detroit is at GB, Arizona is at home against Denver. Thanks.
  9. Gouz41

    Rate my starting Team

    Bledsoe Larry Johnson Droughns Torry Holt A. Boldin Shockey Elam Jacksonville 10 team league