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  1. JoeRedneck

    Lindsey vs Mixon here on out?

    Thanks for y'alls insight and opinions. putting Lindsey on lock.
  2. JoeRedneck

    Lindsey vs Mixon here on out?

    I'm leaning towards Lindsey and his pillowy soft schedule...what do y'all think?
  3. JoeRedneck

    Big Ben of Rivers

    BENNY is the answer Good luck
  4. JoeRedneck

    Chubb or fournette

    fournette with confidence ! good luck!!!!
  5. JoeRedneck

    Gordon, Ekeler, Adams?

    Ben & Adams Good luck!
  6. JoeRedneck

    WR & RB Help

    Standard scoring 1 point per 25 return yards. Lockett @ Car or JuJu @ Den Mixon vs Cle. or Lindsey vs Pit TIA
  7. JoeRedneck

    Robby Anderson

    Listed as doubtful, the dreaded high ankle sprain.
  8. JoeRedneck

    Bold Predictions

    Gore puts up 100+ yard and 2 tds vs the Jets.
  9. JoeRedneck

    Amari Cooper what should...

    Amari Cooper, what should we expect from him this week and going forward? I think he'll put up solid numbers with Dallas and finish the season as a top 20 WR. With that said would you start him this weekend? I'm thinking of playing him at slot but can't afford a bust at any position this week.
  10. JoeRedneck

    Lockett Agholor Goodwin Hogan

    Please pick two standard scoring. TIA
  11. JoeRedneck

    WR Help

  12. JoeRedneck

    Kap or Bradford?

  13. JoeRedneck

    Which 2 in ppr?Farrow,Ware, Dougy, JWhite?

    White and Ware