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  1. I have no idea what i'm doing

    Rush Limbaugh is a cumbubble

    I respect the fact that Rushy is an overweight dug addict and major hypocrite and race baiter and yet still maintains a huge following amongst his self-proclaimed 'dittoheads'. But holy mother of fock. What an ego on this guy. This show is complete garbage. It's one big focking whine-athon.
  2. I have no idea what i'm doing

    The Palin hillbilly psychodrama continues!

    Because of her pure naked ambition and love of the spotlight. That dig aside, this thread is pathetic. WTF cares what Palin has to say? She's not even a Gov anymore.
  3. I have no idea what i'm doing

    Jon Stewart is an assh0le

    Obviously this is more about the OP's distaste for Stewart's political leanings than anything. If you don't have a stick up your azz over politics, then TDS is focking hilarious.
  4. I have no idea what i'm doing

    If massive spending will turn the economy around...

    hahaha. great post. including the last bit.
  5. I have no idea what i'm doing

    Tell me why we shouldn't expect Obama to fulfill EVERY campaign promise he made?

    wow, you really do need laid.
  6. I have no idea what i'm doing

    congrats to rickey henderson

    Best leadoff hitter or not, guy was a riot. Also, this:
  7. I have no idea what i'm doing

    congrats to rickey henderson

    one strike against cobb is that he played in a watered down league, talent-wise.
  8. I have no idea what i'm doing

    Can Obama live up to all this hype?

    I dunno about that. He'll be the incumbent, and all the bullsh!t Muslim/terrorist stuff probably won't reappear, unless we're completely retarded. IF the economy recovers even a little (which I think it will), the media will give him all the credit, and he'll be tough to beat. And as of now, all his policy proposal aren't all that different from what we've seen from Bush et al. Spend spend spend coupled with tax cuts. So he may even win over some of the Bushites, who don't seem to mind the spending. It doesn't look good, at least to me.
  9. I have no idea what i'm doing

    Has McNabb guaranteed a place in the Hall of Fame

  10. I have no idea what i'm doing

    Obama administration to CREATE 3 million new jobs...

    That's some real CHANGE. We are transitioning from one 'spend and spend' President to another. The Dems used to at least have the balls to tell people that we have to pay for their cockamamie spending programs. Now nobody has to pay for anything! The past eight years of this sort of fiscal policy has seen the the deficit double, will we see another doubling in the next eight years? Taxes as they are now suck. Imagine what they will be when our kids and grandkids are paying them.
  11. I have no idea what i'm doing

    Obama Really Knows How to Pick Em!

    has anyone been indicted yet? if not...
  12. I have no idea what i'm doing

    Article on Truck and SUV Trade-In Value

    For that price you can't really lose, unless you paid the same amount for the accent, in which case you're saving money on gas. Another trailblazer owner here. I buy cars for the long haul though, don't do the upgrade thing. I have cut back on my driving though.
  13. I have no idea what i'm doing

    Since we are talking about Movies

    Documentaries are underwatched for how good they usually are (truth is always more interesting than fiction): -The Fog of War : About the Vietnam War -Grizzly Man : About a crazy guy that thinks he's connecting with grizzlies in Alaska -The Devil Came on Horseback : About the genocide in Darfur -King of Kong : About a bunch of nerds that try to break old video game records -No End in Sight : About the occupation of Iraq
  14. I have no idea what i'm doing

    I don't want to go all Recliner Pilot on you

    Iraq is a touchy issue for a lot of people, and I think they can't let go of the idea that we should have never gone in. That may or may not be right, but at this point, it's irrelevant. What is relevant is the fact that we are there now. We need to carefully consider the consequences of a pullout. I think an honest assessment of the situation points to a responsibility for the US to maintain a presence there in order to essentially fix what's been broken. To leave prior to this invites greater instability in the region, as well as the potential for a new, hostile government to take hold in Iraq. It just doesn't make sense to leave before the job is done. McCain is far from perfect, but he's more right than Obama OR Barr on this issue.
  15. I'm definitely not arguing that this kid shouldn't have the book thrown at him, and that his parents and the ambassador need to be punished as well, but wealthy Americans live by different rules in America, I wouldn't be surprised if they also found ways to circumvent punishment in other countries as well. Again, doesn't make it right.