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  1. merv

    Dallas Cowboys possibly trading for RB

    It would be nice to see Mike Tolbert in a starting role. He did well with his opportunity in SD and will be #3 once J-Stew comes back, possibly next week.
  2. merv

    1st place teams

    16 team Auction / Dynasty (contract years up to 5) 11-2 record Rodgers Gore McCoy Rice AJ Green Hakeem Nicks Demaryius Thomas Martellus Bennett Marcedes Lewis Matt Bryant SF D/ST
  3. So I am in a 14 team league this year and had the 3rd pick in a snake draft. I feel pretty good about my team, but can always improve. Thoughts about what I should look for? Freeman, Kolb Rice, Wells, Addai, Delone Carter Nicks, Fitzgerald, Boldin, Amendola Gronkowski, Keller, Julius Thomas Bironas Patriots Start QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1WR/RB, TE, K, D/ST Thanks, Leave a link to yours and I'll try to help!
  4. merv

    Addai out week 7? Longer?

    I think he has already screwed a lot of owners this year, at least based on his adp.
  5. merv

    Lendale White and Fred Taylor

    If I were going to pick one of them up, it would be Lendale. He at least gets some of the goal line work, when healthy. Fred doesn't get much work at all. Last week he had 10yd receiving, 10yd rushing and 1 fumble...big goose egg. I am not sure either will help all that much though...
  6. merv

    Brad Johnson......AKA... Captain Checkdown

    Team QB = the suck only girls and small children use team qb.
  7. This has been my observation all year. Jay seems to be the "swing for the fence" type qb. He want's it all whether his receiver is covered well or not. I don't know how many times I have watched him try to force it in to double or even Triple coverage to Marshall 20-30 yards down the field, when 10 yards down the field is a WIDE OPEN TE (usually Graham). Extreme tunnel vision from what I have seen. The last few years it seemed like the Broncos would NOT take a shot down field for anything. Now it seems like they are trying to dip into that well a little too often if you ask me. I think it will be a boom or bust year for Cutler as a fantasy QB. It also doesn't help that his usual supects were hurt this week either. Scheffler, Royal, Stokely...
  8. Whithout knowing who is available..Daniel Graham comes to mind for the next week at least. With Scheffler out Graham may be in on more passing downs as an option.
  9. I need help at RB, and have a pretty good stable of WR. Can start 3 WR: TO AJ Cotchery White Bruce Can start 2 RB: Addai DWill Lenwhale Fragile Fred Benson Standard scoring. No PPR. What do you think? Thanks for the help!
  10. merv

    Who's 4-0

    16 team Dynasty Bulger, Orton, VY, Stanton Portis, JLew, RRice, Sproles Cotchery, Welker, Mason, Bruce Fasano, Watson, Scaife Crosby Titans
  11. merv

    Who would you sit for Sproles?

    Sitting Jamal Lewis for Sproles this week. Should have done it LAST week...
  12. merv

    Ravens vs Texans Game

    not official, but from Houston and they mention it might be moved to Monday night depending on severity of the storm... Linky
  13. merv

    Number 7's

    12 team league LT Brady Manning ADP Westbrook Jackson ADDAI BREES in the 2nd.
  14. merv

    McGahee To Get Cut?

    "I know it ain't exactly running, but running in the pool is great conditioning," McGahee said. "Just ask Michael Phelps."
  15. My team currently: Brees, Kitna Addai, Edge, White, D.Williams A.Johnson, R.White, Cotchery, Gage, E. Royal Dawson Patriots start 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1wr/te, k, d Can trade Edge and Cotch for Colston. Brees Addai, White Johnson, Colston, White as my starters. 1pt 10/yds rushing/receiving 6pts all tds. long td bonus Too much to give for Colston or no brainer???