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  1. PackYourNut

    Who is behind Rotoworld ?

    Do you not see the giant: "Powered by NBCSports" in their logo?
  2. PackYourNut

    Hill for next year?

    I would roll with Hopkins in the 12th for sure. Even if Hill gets 70% of the work, he's still in a time share. And you can pick up time share backs in the 3rd and 4th rounds... Hopkins is a borderline WR1... I'd take that in the 12th all day.
  3. PackYourNut

    Hill and Gio

    Play Hill... It's obvious to anyone who is looking that he is the guy that needs to get the carries. And it's obvious to anyone who is listening that he is the guy the coaches are referring to. All of this "Don't believe the reporters", "Don't try to figure out what the coach is saying", "Cinci RBs can't be trusted" bullsh!t, is just that. BULLSH!T! The entire point of FF is to make a decision based on as much information as you can gather. And all of that information points to Hill. Is it a 100% lock, of course not, but who is. The point is that you go with the percentages and those are clearly in his favor. Anyone claiming different is either blind, jaded or a poosie!
  4. PackYourNut

    More points does not mean better team

    What you want is called Victory Points... Look it up...
  5. PackYourNut

    Marquess Wilson...worth a pick-up?

    Picking him up doesn't mean you have to start him. Here is what we know: 1. Chicago defense is historically bad 2. They throw the ball a ton 3. Other teams are thinking the exact same thing as you. Stop Forte & Jeffery and we should be good All of that adds up to opportunity for Wilson, who does have significant upside. If he shines, then you have a nugget you can use in a pinch. If not, who cares.
  6. PackYourNut

    Marquess Wilson...worth a pick-up?

    Yes... future stud! Although, I think he is banged up as well!
  7. PackYourNut

    Anyone starting moncrief this weekend

    I was probably the 1st person on this site to pimp Moncrief as a future stud, but anyone starting him this week is nuts! 1. He doesn't get enough targets to score anything decent unless he breaks a long one. Having done that twice last week lowers his chances, IMO 2. He may have passed Nicks on the depth chart, but he hasn't passed Wayne. 3. Cleveland can't score, so this wont be a game where luck has to keep throwing or be in 3 WR sets for most of the game Basically, you are hoping and praying for a long touchdown and that is FF suicide!
  8. It's ridiculous for sure... I would just pull a Bellicheat and say: "Were on to <insert next opponent here>" to every question, every time!
  9. PackYourNut

    how soon before Beckham is doubled and shut down?

    Jesus, you'd think this guy was Jerry Rice incarnate... Slow your roll people!
  10. If that's like fining you 10 bucks, then you make around 700 dollars per year. Congratulations! Lynch makes around 7MM/year, not including bonuses, sponsorship, etc. etc. A 100K fine is 1.4% of his salary!
  11. PackYourNut

    Mike Smith

    There is no talent on the team outside of the WR core and QB, 1 line man and 1 DB Defense is terrible. O-line is terrible, RBs are terrible, Jake Mathews being a bright spot assuming he gets better. They traded the farm for Julio because they got blown out by GB in the playoffs. They thought they were one guy away and the mortgaged the future to get him. Smith and Dimitroff need to be canned.
  12. PackYourNut

    Mike Smith

    He will be gone... I live in Atlanta. Blank is cleaning house this off season. Deserves to be fired today for that garbage...
  13. PackYourNut

    Any updates on Gio

    Shhhhh! Both of you... Your opinions mean nothing and are based on no logic whatsoever. You are what's wrong with this bored and FF in general. :lol:
  14. PackYourNut

    Any updates on Gio

    I'm not sure what "explosive" means, maybe break away speed? Either way Hill is averaging 4.9 yards/carry and Gio averages 4.1
  15. PackYourNut

    I am done with the NFL

    Cool story bro!