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  1. spork in the road

    Financial Geeks

    Depends on when you want access to your money. I have a money market account earning about 1.85% and a 1 year cd making 2.85% with capital 1. You can probably do a little better with other online banks, but I happen to like the capital 1 software.
  2. spork in the road

    Tell us something stupid you did as a kid - preteen

    For whatever reason my teammates thought it was funny to fire bottle rockets at each other after practice. Had to stop when one got caught in someone’s shirt and he got burned (not too bad). Other dumb like biking down steep hills and going off jumps around boulders.
  3. spork in the road

    Describe something from the "other side" that you agree with

    I think the current situation is a product of the primary system. Funding and nominations go to the most extreme candidates even if most folks would prefer someone more centrist.
  4. spork in the road

    Omg IT is breeding. Which geek was this desperate?

    Well, she has the ‘eating for two’ part down.
  5. spork in the road

    Quitting a job before getting another one

    Wait until you have another job. I would also be prepared to answer the question “Why are you looking for a new job?”. Complaining about extra hours probably isn’t a good selling point, I would go with something like the job wasn’t a good career fit, or you are ready for the next step in your career. Lastly, it’s better to run to something rather than from something. Spend some time thinking through what you want out of your next job and then work to make that happen. Also, have you spoken to your supervisor. Phrase it as you asking for help or advice rather than a series of complaints. You mentioned that you assume they will just tell you to work faster. I would at least give them a chance to help. If you are going to leave anyway what do you have to lose?
  6. spork in the road

    Favorite black comedy series?

    Chappell show.
  7. spork in the road


    Some prefer , some prefer , but all men are dogs.
  8. spork in the road

    Focking depressing

    Wait. Back up. A woman was killed by Dashunds. The weiner dog? How, was she attempting to eat them?
  9. spork in the road

    Why college should not be free

    I think the dumbest idea is that college students should repay loans based on their income. Wait so you mean your philosophy of gender studies didn’t result in a paying job. Color me shocked.
  10. spork in the road

    Stock Market Prediction: What do we hit first? 20k or 30k?

    That’s the thing with being a pessimist, eventually you’ll be right. The only problem is you can miss out on big gains in the meantime.
  11. spork in the road

    Mesh Wifi

    We had an older Korean version that worked well for decades .... Mash WiFi.
  12. spork in the road

    See any more movies this week other than Star Wars?

    Just saw jumanji with the kids. Teenager didn’t like it, manly because she is a teenager. The 11 boy loved it. It was fine if you can stand Kevin Hart being Kevin Hart.
  13. spork in the road

    Who was your favorite character from Cheers?

    Coach, he made up a song about Albania.
  14. Peanuts, gluten. Brought an assortment of donuts to school at my son’s school. Apparently one had some peanuts on it and that was roughly equivalent to a nuclear holicaust.
  15. spork in the road

    You got that 'one food' ?

    Granola, great going in but then an intestinal hurricane