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  1. ellisdtrails420

    2011 Projection Pal

    Any suggestions on sites to use for the projection pal?
  2. ellisdtrails420

    2011 Cheatsheet Compiler/Draft Buddy

    ouch Mike, that one hurts. I really liked being able to import the league settings. Ah well. Now, let me preface this by saying that I absolutely love the CC and DB, but last year it felt like the rankings were just kind of what everyone else was saying and didn't have the love or special incite that it had in year's past and it seemed like you missed the boat on more guys than usual. I easily had my worst year across the board using the compiler. Now I really don't want to sound like I am knocking all the effort and work you guys do as I know it s extensive, I just want to be sure it's more about projecting the right stats and rankings than making a pretty and tech savvy product. I hope that special incite about the players returns this year. Again, I just want to reiterate how much I appreciate all that you guys do to put out a great and affordable product. I have just come to expect the best rankings and projections from fftoday because of how solid you have been for years. thanks for listening.
  3. ellisdtrails420

    Which 2 rb's to start?

    sit grant, like I said in your other thread
  4. ellisdtrails420

    Grant, Forsett, or F.Jackson? Need 2....

    Grant rides the pine
  5. ellisdtrails420

    A. Foster Or F. Jackson?

    amazingly it is foster and bryant. Amazing
  6. ellisdtrails420

    Cowboys at Saints

    3rd and 14 is not easy to pick up.
  7. ellisdtrails420

    Cowboys at Saints

    I hope the Saints tie this up, but I doubt they do it again. Man this is exactly what happened in the redskins game.
  8. ellisdtrails420

    Cowboys at Saints

    Wow, FG is missed totally opens the door for the Saints, LMAO
  9. ellisdtrails420

    So next years first 12 picks are kinda obvious ...no?

    Sjax is worth it in a ppr, dude gets enough receptions to make do. Turner got 370 carries, and what a shock, is hurt.
  10. ellisdtrails420

    So I had a date today with a girl I also dated in HS

    taxi drive her, take her to a porn flick.
  11. ellisdtrails420

    Need Geek help ......pic my WR's

    depends on the scoring
  12. ellisdtrails420

    Top nude scenes of 2009 by Mr. Skin...

    this no name is the daughter of susan sarandon and her boobs are amazing.
  13. ellisdtrails420

    Which qb?

    with the Rams becoming the bubonic Rams, I feel Schaub and AJ could put up better numbers than last week. Warner always has that chance of throwing up a turnover game, I mean he had a great matchup against the niners last week and tanked. I'm not saying that he won't do well, in fact I think he will have a fine game. I'm just saying that the chance is always there with that guy and I just don't see any chance of that happening with Schaub.
  14. ellisdtrails420

    So next years first 12 picks are kinda obvious ...no?

    ECD?? lol Every Coaches Dream Some of us at a different forum call him Tennessee Tuxspeedo - anyway you slice it, dude is a beast and is #1 right now. CJ AD MJD Rice to me those are the only locks and then it changes depending on your leagues specific scoring.
  15. ellisdtrails420

    All I want for x-mas...

    I am debating on whether or not to start Ricky Williams over Gore, Philly also has only given up 9 rushing TD's this year and are gimpy in the secondary and LB and are tended to be burned by WR's and TE's (Vernon Davis alert) With SF going to the shotgun spread almost exclusively they are becoming a pass first team and although they went back to showcasing Gore last week, I feel like they will have their best chance at winning by passing the ball, or coming off an emotional win at home having a short week and having to go from west coast to east coast could prove too much and they could get behind and lose Gore's effectiveness that way as well. just some food for thought.