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  1. pittnthat

    Trent Richardson - Signs with Oakland

    I would say that this is his last chance to prove that he is a feature back. If he can take the oppourtunity and run with it then I am very excited about having him as a keeper. If he tanks, then he will just stick around the league as a rbbc type of guy. The great thing about his chances are that no def coordinators are gonna say that they need to focus on stopping t-rich, so he shouldn't see many people in the box. My guess is that he kills it this week vs the jaguars and scores twice.....then it's more of a toss up, but that divison does suck so on paper he is a rb2.
  2. Congrats on your 1st title. Your team deserves to be champions and that d is now legendary.
  3. pittnthat

    Seattle vs. Denver - Super Bowl XLVIII: In-Game Discussion

    100% chance that touching wrs past 5 yards will be a point of emphasis next year w the refs. How can they get away with that on every play?
  4. pittnthat

    Seattle vs. Denver - Super Bowl XLVIII: In-Game Discussion

    So that score beat the Hester return vs peyton in the chi sb.
  5. pittnthat

    Seattle vs. Denver - Super Bowl XLVIII: In-Game Discussion

    Holy crap is harvin fast
  6. pittnthat

    49ers Poised To Re-Take NFC West in 2014

    I guess if the 49ers get a good doc to prescribe adderall then they can match Seattle..... Or maybe get an even called game next time around. In all seriousness, lattimore really could be a stud and if you resign boldin then I can't see the 9ers not being in the playoffs next year.
  7. Seaadderall v Denver it is. If seadderall gets these refs, then they will be favored by 21.
  8. This should be...but won't be ...the end of Seattle bitching about calls. Wow, what a gift of a sb trip.
  9. Between running into the kicker and the bowman strip of the ball at the 1....... It's officially the end end flahawker bitching about the refs.
  10. That was a huge call on roughing the kicker. Brutal call against sf.
  11. Cant wait to see anquan boldin and the legion of boom beat the crap out of each other.
  12. pittnthat

    Go 2nd team KC

    The 7 players to the right of the kc snapper was an overload that should have been a re-kick at 5 yards closer. Tough to miss the playoffs with that happening but the nfl will admit that mistake today for sure. Bill leavy nice job
  13. pittnthat

    Go 2nd team KC

    Brutal fg miss.
  14. pittnthat

    FU week 17 - Drew Brees, that is all

    Fu Ryan succop