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  1. gottjaeger

    Keepers - K. Hunt (2nd rd) or D. Henry (7th rd)?

    Hard not to take Hunt unless you have a legit shot at a top 10 RB via draft...
  2. gottjaeger

    Keeper Advice

    Yup...gotta go Robinson...I may get lucking and snag an RB2 or rookie RB at the 9 spot...may even get Ingram back at that point. Thanks!
  3. gottjaeger

    Keeper Advice

    What's the consensus?
  4. gottjaeger

    Keeper Advice

    There are a few formations...one does allow for 4 WR, but usually it's 2RB-2WR-1TE or 1RB-3WR-1TE...
  5. gottjaeger

    Keeper Advice

    Quick thoughts... 16 Team PPR Dynasty Keeping QB C. Newton RB L. Bell WR A. Brown WR J. Jones WR A. Thielen WR A. Robinson Any reason I should keep M. Ingram over A. Robinson? I've got 9th & 14th pick in 1st Round.