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    Red Sox, NFL, UCONN Huskies, my wife amd kids, and trying to figure out how to play the guitar.
  1. BostonRedSox

    Just switched from a 10 team to 12 team league

    ours has always been 12 team redraft. last year we made it PPR...it's even better now. we go 17 rounds, thought about making it 18 but we charge a fee for any drop/pick up you make wich gets thrown into the winners bucket at year end...the more rounds you go the less drop pickups there are which means fewer fees generated for the winner.
  2. BostonRedSox

    Explain this draft move to me

    i like benson/jones the best there. run first offense, sure benson will get a chance but jones is too damn good to sit on the bench. if bears def is as good as last year keeping the games close, nasty chicago winters when you can't pass a lot, you could see these to splitting 40 touches a game. what other combo could warrant that?
  3. BostonRedSox

    Is it me? Or are there a lot of questionable RBs?

    in previous years you used to be able to get two good running backs...this year you will be lucky to get one. i'm drafting fourth and am going with barber.
  4. BostonRedSox


    there is only one player to consider if you dont pick tiki and that is portis. any other back is ridiculous...especially ppr leagues. unproven guys like lamont jordan or steven jackson or ronnie brown or caddy? tiki is way out of their league. i get the #4 pick this year and i will take tiki over portis...both are center peices of offense but i like the NYG offense much better. i am not too worried about jacobs...tiki makes up for that in ppr leagues and all the yardage he picks up. that's my two cents.
  5. BostonRedSox

    Strategy for drafting in slots 1-4

    i just took part in a somewhat sloppy mock today in a 12 teamer... i drafted from the fourth position 1 barber RB 2 boldin WR 3 droughens RB 4 branch WR 5 heap TE 6 foster RB 7 bledsoe QB 8 williams RB the rookie 9 coles WR 10 jags DEF the first 10 rounds.
  6. BostonRedSox

    Tiki Barber -- thoughts?!

    i just found out i am drafting fourth in our league this year. Barring any pre-season injuries I will draft Tiki 4th. I had him last year as well.
  7. BostonRedSox

    drafting from the 12 spot

    There's no way Rudi or Caddy should be available at 12. If I had 12 this year I would try to trade that slot. Some people like that slot. mcgahee and westy are my picks in that slot right now. this of course can change tomorrow!
  8. BostonRedSox

    Tiki Barber

    devildog...where did you get your screename...the criminally underrated NYC Devildogs?
  9. BostonRedSox

    What RB to take at #4?

    everyone seemed to dis him somewhat again last year and i took him...i can't remember where i picked him last year though...he rocked and was fun to watch week after week. i am more afraid of brunel getting hurt and defense's stacking the line to stop portis than i am worried that tiki is 31. brunel is what 35 or 36, i don't see him putting up last year's number's. you still have to key on portis and make the aging brunel beat you. besides i pick with my heart a lot instead of my brain...which is why i lose every year! flipside conventional wisdom tells you to pick portis. how many championships have you won doing what the majority tells you to do?
  10. BostonRedSox


    I think you should make that trade from your other post.
  11. BostonRedSox

    How did my draft go?

    I think your league should draft a few more rounds. My league is 17 rounds and there is still plenty of WW activity which costs you 5 bucks. There's ususally $400 there at the end of the season. Love your WRs. Like Simms. Like Witten. There are so many question marks at RB this year I can see why you picked those WRs. If your league is only 14 rounds there might still be some RB available.
  12. BostonRedSox

    Draft almost done: big 4 WR team, screw the RBs

    Ney....but even though money may be involved, FF for me is always about fun first. thinking about going against the norm and following through...it should be fun...even if you dont win. besides you can always trade one of you r big 4 for a RB.
  13. BostonRedSox

    Anyone else still bitter about last season?

    Deuce Mac-Round 1 Randy Moss-Round 2 finished in the bottom four out of 12. But I did win bottom of the bracket bowl.
  14. BostonRedSox

    5th round draft pick

    W. Dunn gets no respect does he? he always gets seems to get dissed. he's the only player in that group not coming off of serious injury or in a true platoon. Yes he gets pulled at goal line sometimes and duckett will get carries with a large lead but can make up for that in PPR leagues...which is my league. my two cents.
  15. BostonRedSox

    #2 pick

    Recognizing mistakes by other drafters is good drafting skills, isn't it? On the other hand, it doesn't look like a money league does it?