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  1. steelerblitz

    Schaub, Young, Garrard

  2. steelerblitz

    LT vs wessy

    Ill take Westbrook. It is close for me. With all the speed the Eagles have on the outside now, it should open things up. Westbrook may see some bigger running lanes now. I think both LT and Westbrook have two more years in them.....I just prefer Westbrook at this moment.
  3. steelerblitz

    Strip Club Dressing Room Webcam...

    This is like watching Big Brother After Dark......stripper style.
  4. steelerblitz

    Does MNF have any significance anymore?

    It still has significance to me. It's football. I dont care who is playing, I'll watch it. Plus with the world of FF...if my team is down by 5pts Ill be watching. If my FF game has no significance, it has some type of impact on my league. Football is football IMO. It sure beats watching what is on now IMO.
  5. steelerblitz

    I need dynasty league input

    I still stay put. Sorry, but Stalloworth is not worth the 6th and 12th pick, even the other owner knows that. Stallworth has trouble staying on the field every year with his hamstrings. Im a believer that is going to nag him forever. Im not sure what his workout and stretching routines are, but for some reason he cant seem to get it right each year. Add that to the fact that he is now on a team with Tom Brady. Brady has too many wrs now. Welker, Stallworth, Caldwell, Gaffney, Kelly Washington,throw in Watson, and the rbs out of the backfield...I just dont see him being someone to lead the current wr corps you have. Stick with all your picks. 1,2,6,12. You can land some great talent. Plus wait until after the draft. You never know what can happen. If Lynch lands somewhere like Green Bay. Peterson and Lynch may be a GREAT start to any dynasty. Lynch also has a chance to become fodder depending where he lands. Peterson and Calvin mark a great start. You can land some decent wrs at 6 and 12 to fill out your dynasty roster. HTH...just my opinion on it all
  6. steelerblitz

    What happens to Travis Henry after week 3?

    What we are getting here is differing opinions on two different ends of the rainbow. The Mike Bell owners have hope and think he can still win the job and produce.. The Travis Henry owners think he will be a 300 carry 10-15 td guy with 1400, instant stud. The fact of the matter is who knows what Shannanigan will do. Personally I think Henry will be the starter and garner 75% of the carries at least. Mike Bell will get some shots when Henry needs a blow. They may use him in a few goal line situations as well. The truth is who knows how much they use him. As said, Henry could blow goats in game one and Mike Bell start game 2. Game 4 Henry back in. As much as Henry is going to be tempting, Im staying away in redrafts unless the value at that pick is worth the risk.
  7. steelerblitz

    Still pissed that Denver signed Travis Henry

    Stalker, I know the love you have for Bell. You have made it known many times. I too like Bell and have him in a dynasty league. I have realized that Travis Henry was brought in for a reason. Mike Bell has even said in articles that he knew once Tatum was traded that they would bring someone in a veteran for the job. He is very humble and does not have a problem with that. Henry will be the man and will get a majority of the carries. I liken it to Edge and Rhodes a couple of years ago. Bell will come in to spell Henry when he is tired. Stalker, by the way, dont take time off from your other sites. Your posts and thoughts are always welcomed.
  8. steelerblitz

    David Carr signs with Panthers....

    I agree it was a solid move for both teams. I think Delhomme now has some pressure on him to produce. It will be great competition for both in camps. Let's see what Carr can do with a line. John Fox also has pressure to win this year. Dont think he doesnt feel a native Bill Cowher breathing down his neck next year. This whole team and situation will be fun to watch. Good move for Carr and the Panthers
  9. steelerblitz

    ***Happy 4th of July***

    Happy 4th to everyone! One hour and thirty eight minutes to go minutes to go!
  10. steelerblitz

    Geek Babe Tourney

    JLH...not even close for me.
  11. You are little too sensitive and serious. Just go have fun and see what happens. You talking about "making love" to a girl you just met, is a little scary. "Making love" is something you do with someone you care about or with a wife. Talk like a man...bang the shiot out of her!
  12. steelerblitz

    Draft Complete

    I stopped reading at Yahoo..................................
  13. steelerblitz

    Anyone else still bitter about last season?

    Had: Deuce Jamal Lewis Mcnabb Javon Walker... lost my first four round picks...battled to get to the playoffs with WW pickups, but got beat in the first round
  14. steelerblitz

    If you got paid by the inch to become shorter...

    shiat...7ft, just work out and play basketball to earn millions. No way I cut inches off at 7ft!
  15. steelerblitz

    What Song did you not appreciate

    I used to listen to Marley in college, but I never appreciated him until now. I find myself listening quite a bit with a few cold ones out by the pool. The music relaxes me.